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Dream our Magical Future


In Path of Sweetness, Esthra, one of my angel guides, and I were discussing magic. He said, “There is more magic than simply that which has been brought to the attention of an individual where wands and spells are used. These are simply means to focus energy; once the energy is focused there is no implement outside of self that is required.” Esthra summed up his view of magic by saying it was the instant development of anything you desired.


During the course of my conversations with Esthra and Tonas, the Ashtar Commander I meet at the beginning of Path of Sweetness, I became totally enamored with the idea of instant manifestation. (Who wouldn’t?) What was even more thrilling was their assertion that this ability exists for all humanity when we reach the 8th dimension—Earth’s first non-dual dimension.


How do we reach that elevated dimension and claim our birthright of instant manifestation? We dream it into being. If you are bogged down in current events or life challenges, take a few moments to step onto your bridge into non-duality. That will lift you out of the tumult and enhance your ability to visualize the bright future that is your destiny—that is our destiny.


I shared a portion of my dream for the future in my Everything Starts with a Dream blog and you are welcome to claim any of it that appeals to you; however, your dream is a vital component in manifesting our magical future. The bigger and more detailed your dream, the better! See it, feel it, own it.

I CHALLENGE YOU TO DREAM BIG (Elaborate on these as you desire.) 

  • You and all on Earth are at peace. (We remember we are all one.)
  • In an instant, you can create anything you desire. (Wow! What would you make? A castle in England, home in the Alps, chateau in France, duplicates of famous artwork or your own art to decorate your walls, jewelry to go with a new wardrobe. I hope you spend some time on this one and have fun with it. That will only enhance your clearing that follows these suggestions.)
  • Since money is no longer an issue, you do what you love and love what you do. (What would you do? At whatever level is possible for you, start doing this one right now.)
  • All elements of Earth are restored to a pristine state. (Pollution in any form is no more.)
  • You enjoy teleporting to visit new places on Earth and, as you learn more about other worlds, travel to them also. (No passports, security checks or identification papers necessary.)
  • You are wonderfully healthy and delight in changing your appearance at will.
  • Your body is perpetually renewing, graceful, strong, flexible and ageless.
  • You communicate telepathically with people, pets, animals, and, since everything is sentient, all elements of nature. (Your pets no longer die. Of course, you, your friends and family don’t either.)
  • You love yourself completely.
  • You enjoy interacting with fairies, elves, dwarves, dragons, flying horses and other creatures you never dreamed existed.


To help you realize your dreams I am including an SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) clearing to help you release blocks to manifesting your magical future. Information in The Golden Ticket blog is also helpful.

To access this clearing:

  1. Close your eyes and pretend to see a screen (movie, TV, Computer, etc.) in front of you. Even if you see only darkness, there is a part of you that can distinguish everything on the screen.
  2. On that screen is the clearing process that will help you to dream big and to realize those dreams.
  3. Silently ask the Creator (God, Goddess, All That Is) if it is in your highest good for the Creator to implement your clearing.
  4. When you receive an affirmative sense or knowing all you have to do to have your clearing immediately put in place is to say or think “Yes!”

I hope you will raise the bar on your thoughts and actions and reach for the best you can be. Smile more, laugh more and connect with the Earth in whatever ways are most pleasing to you.

In joy!




P.S. To help you more fully comprehend the possibilities for our future and bring them about sooner rather than later, read The Joy Chronicles. There is also much information about fairies, dragons, genies and Earth in my blog articles.


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