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Help Dream the 8th Dimension into Reality:

In this blog I’m going to challenge you to stretch your mind and dream BIG. How big, you ask? Let me get you started on this dream by asking you to imagine yourself in a spaceship circling the Earth. As you look out the huge viewing window at a daylight view of our planet, you see vast tracts of forest where once there were huge cities. As you circle around to the night side, there are still areas of light indicating cities but they are perhaps much smaller than they used to be.

Crystalline skyscrapers:

You decide to land and take a closer look at one of the smaller cities and see that it is composed entirely of soaring crystalline buildings. There is a nearby park and some parents are watching their children play but many of them are actively engaged in what their children are doing. (Nobody has to work.) None of them are concerned that there are a couple of tigers lying in the middle of the park and some of the children are petting them. One little boy is even sitting on one. You notice that there are no streets or cars or perhaps there are a few cars but they make no sound.

This was a peek into the 8th dimension of Earth. From information that Gaia and the masters of light have shared with me, I know that once we reach that dimension every element of the Earth—water, land and air—will be pristine.

We will be tailoring our realities to be exactly as we wish:

What I hope you will do is dream with me what you would like to experience on Earth’s first non-dual dimension. After all, we are the ones who will be tailoring, with love, our reality to be exactly as we wish. There will be no problem if you wish to have a home on the beach while your next door neighbor prefers an entirely different climate and a home in the mountains. (I don’t know how that can be, but Ashtar Commander Tonas assured me that is possible.)

Everyone is vitally healthy:

Think of all the things we won’t need with instant manifestation at our beck and call! Imagine a world where everyone is vitally healthy and their appearance is exactly as they wish. Imagine a world with no death, fear, hatred, war, pollution. Wow!

You know how to do it!

How can you help bring that reality into being? If you stop and think about this I’m sure you will be able to intuit some changes in your life that would be helpful. Find ways to be happy. Turn off the nightly news. Begin manifesting ideal scenarios for your life by practicing using the Golden Ticket. Start loving yourself more.

Read any of the Joy Chronicles and get excited about what is ahead for us! Dream BIG! Eight is great!

Watch for my next blog—The Bridge into Non-duality.


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