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Crystal Skulls

In Book Two, Blossoming of Love, I have a discussion with Osiris, Aton, Gaia, Commanders Ashtar and Tonas about crystal skulls. This subject came up when I asked the group about some information I’d read on the web. According to the information, a unification of crystal skulls aligning with the heart of the lion and sealed by the super Moon on the tenth of August would facilitate/enhance the opening of a Sun gate two days in the future.

Aton, the embodied essence of our Sun, doesn’t know anything about this gate. Osiris explains that there is no such celebration, and yet, because there are so many individuals holding the vision of it, the gate does/will exist. Osiris’s idea is that we take the concepts behind this information and move them into a higher vision.

The Skulls are of Ancient Initiates

Osiris then shares some information about those skulls that I found interesting but also creepy. Some of the crystal skulls are of initiates in the ancient academies of Earth who became addicted to a tutorial that sped their evolution. Those who developed a skull like that and chose to remain on Earth had a very short life span since their physical body could not sustain itself in Earth’s third dimension.

“Those who died didn’t wish to be restored because they believed that they would come to light on a day when their presence could become again as if their life was sparked into being again. Though the rest of the body died, the cranium and the consciousness still remain. There are several of these on Earth.” Osiris adds that he and others chose to have no part in this situation because the initiates had the privilege of existing as they chose.

I’ve been fascinated listening to this information but then I realize he said that the bodies belonging to the skulls could become alive again. Just to make sure I heard that right, I ask Osiris what he thinks will happen to the skulls.

The Bodies Belonging to the Skulls will be Restored


I believe that when the Earth moves into its 8th dimension they will have bodies restored onto their crystalline. Truly, they have the ability to create a body even now, and yet it would be useless for them for it is nearly impossible to exist on a dual world with a crystalline cranium. It would have been more relevant for them to leave before they reached that critical phase in their evolution.

I handled one of those skulls, purported to be an “original one,” many years ago. I’m really glad that I don’t own one. I suppose, though, that if the bodies belonging to the skulls return in the 8th dimension, we will have evolved enough so that anybody who has a skull in their possession won’t be too surprised.

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