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How The Adventures of Joy Chronicles Really Came About

I was a “wild child.” Most of my days on the farm where I grew up were spent interacting with nature in an intimate fashion. This included frequent tree climbing, running around on paths the cows trod on our pastures and playing, as much as the animals would let me, with the chickens, and cows my mom and dad raised. In the summer, most of my clothes and all of my shoes were encumbrances which I left inside the house. Those early carefree and mostly unsupervised interactions set the stage for my deep love of the Earth and all the creatures that live on her.


I went to college, married, moved to a city and devoted my time to teaching public school music and playing the violin in the local symphony. After our two sons came along, I stayed at home with them. I always enjoyed visiting my parents on our farm and reconnecting with nature by visiting the areas I loved when I was little, but there just wasn’t time for more. My passion for all things Earth lay dormant.

My parents embraced Christianity deeply and as a child I soaked up everything that I was taught. As an adult living in my own home, I became uncomfortable with many of those teachings. Very little of it seemed to fit me and I became, not only angry about that, but depressed about my life in general.


In my 40s I attended a business seminar in which we were assigned the task of writing down goals for different areas of our life. I sailed through listing my physical, family and business goals, but when I got to the category “spiritual goals,” I drew a blank. No matter how much I stared at those two words, I came up with nothing.


That wakeup call launched me on an intensive investigation of trying to find out who I was and, most importantly, why I was here. There had to be more to living on Earth than I had experienced so far. The list of modalities I studied is long—angelic healing, shamanic healing, past life regressions, Akashic Record reading and Reiki to name a few. Many of these were helpful in that they opened me up to a bigger picture of life than I had previously considered. I developed more of a sense of who I am but I still had not a glimmer into that shadowy area of purpose. Did my instruction manual get lost when I incarnated?


While studying these different modalities, I also began reading books of a metaphysical nature. My initial experiences with reading Jane Roberts books on Seth were astounding to me. Why had nobody ever told me that “we create our own reality?” I began to devour books about angels, animal medicine, chakras, ascended masters and other esoteric subjects. The information was thrilling but also frequently confusing and contradictory. I wanted us—me in particular, of course—to have the abilities described in “Masters of the Far East.” The author of those books wrote about individuals capable of bi-locating, teleporting, and regenerating their physical bodies.


I have always been a voracious reader and two of my favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction books. Since each of us does really create our own reality, why haven’t we created a world as magical (minus the drama) as some of those writers portrayed? I wanted fairies and elves to be real. It seemed to me that Earth could be, must be, a magical world, but I was unable to perceive that magical nature.


In 2003, and still searching for what my purpose on Earth could be, I stumbled across SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing). This energy modality fit me like a glove and helped me begin to release programming and outdated beliefs that no longer served me. I started experiencing more clarity, more sense of direction for my life as well as less depression. I began to embrace the possibility that I could live up to my name.


Through the years since I first discovered SVH, I have continued to energetically “work on myself” daily. As I began to love and accept myself more fully, I noticed that my friend Gaia (a name we use for the embodiment of Earth) and the humans living on her could use some assistance. My SVH work gradually began to include healing directed toward helping Gaia and humanity.

I began examining information on the internet that I might expand by putting it into an SVH format. This information was only from healers I knew personally and especially those I had worked with before I encountered SVH. Although I knew the integrity of these other light workers was impeccable, I could sense that some of the work they were offering was incomplete or that it could be uplifted.

My work to upgrade these transmissions by other light workers culminated, I thought, when on February 10, 2014, I energetically stepped aboard an Ashtar Command ship located on the 10th dimension above Earth. Joyfully, that was only the beginning.




Joy Elaine on the Author’s Show talks about the Joy Chronicles.


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