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Light the Way for Earth’s Future. . .and Beyond

My purposes in writing the Joy Chronicles are to share with you visions of the future of Earth that is greater than any of us can fully imagine at this time and to offer you opportunities to become a more conscious participant in bringing those visions into reality.

The elevation of Earth into its first non-dual dimension, the 8th dimension, means that humanity will no longer be bothered with aging, disease and death! There will even be an end to taxes because in that dimension you have the ability to create instantly anything you desire. Changing your appearance will be as easy as changing your clothes.

All the species that many of you enjoy reading about but perhaps doubt that they exist will return when Earth reaches the 8th dimension because nobody will be interested in killing or capturing them. We will be able to interact joyfully with fairies, dwarfs, elves, leprechauns, unicorns, flying horses, genies, dragons and more. I have spoken with representatives of each of those species and as you read you will learn about their lives and how they are assisting Earth.

In Path of Sweetness, you are invited to energetically step on board an Ashtar Command ship (Inishimora, “The Night Sky”, exists on the 10th dimension above Earth in this book.) and add your love, hopes and dreams to the transmissions that Ashtar Commander Tonas and I send to Earth. The ascended masters I work with on the Joy Councils assisted me in creating energy bridges to each event in every book so you will easily be able to find your way to the ship during a meditation, quiet time or you can simply intend to visit us during your sleep.

Whether or not you choose to become actively involved in the work/play that takes place in each chronicle, simply reading the books elevates collective consciousness.

Your companion in heart,
Joy Elaine


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