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Clarity and Heart Consciousness Assistance

Non-duality–Our Destiny

Gaia/Earth has been and is making wonderful leaps that are propelling us towards our destiny—non-duality.  (Several of my blog articles deal with non-duality—Everything Starts with a Dream—is one.) One fantastic ability that occurs for beings living in a non-dual dimension or on a non-dual world is the ability to instantly create anything they desire.

Master Your Mind

It is best to be able to create with clarity so that you manifest what you desire, and not, for example, create an elephant standing on your foot. We are all, at some level, learning to “master our mind,” and the SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) trigger clearing phrase “All Clear” I’m going to gift you will assist you to do exactly that.

Quantum Level Reprogramming

What does an SVH trigger process do? It empowers the Creator and your God Self to do Quantum Level Reprogramming for you. That means that limiting thoughts, genetic alliances and current random inner dialogue (the chatter that goes on in your head) associated with the limitation or situation addressed by the trigger process are cleared and re-scripted.

All Clear

The SVH trigger process “All Clear” contains over thirty additional triggers—Cancel, I Love Me, Prosperity, Manifest, Serenity, Zen Mind and one called “Come from the Heart.” Although you can experiment with activating the triggers individually, I made it so that all of them activate whenever you think or say “All Clear.”

Eleven Minutes in Heart Consciousness

Come from the Heart” trigger is different than a regular trigger in that it helps you to experience an eleven-minute heart consciousness connection that transmits higher vibrational potentials to you.

Activate Your Gifts

Here is the one-time process you need to do to activate your trigger phrase “All Clear.” (Remember, it contains the other triggers I mentioned.)

  1. Close your eyes and pretend to see a screen—movie, TV or computer screen.
  2. Ask for your time capsule containing the All Clear trigger process to be loaded onto your screen.
  3. Even if you see nothing, a part of you does see the screen.
  4. Ask the Creator/God/Goddess if it is okay for the Creator to activate “All Clear” for you.
  5. When you receive an affirmative sense or knowing, simply think “Yes!” and the trigger(s) is activated for you.

Create with Clarity

Now that your trigger phrase All Clear (and all the other triggers that are in it) is activated, watch your thoughts! Whenever you feel, for example, lack, fear, anger or any of the other myriad challenges you may encounter during the day, simply think or say “All Clear” to experience the clearing that is immediately implemented.

You can create with clarity from your heart! To find out more about SVH visit: www.thejoyoflife.info


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