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Self Love

Many of us, me included, have a challenge loving ourselves. Rather than spending time on why that is so, after all, this will vary widely from individual, I am going to focus on some simple ways you can begin to love yourself more.

Why is Loving Yourself Important?

First though, why is it important to love yourself? The more that you love yourself the more you can do to help other people. That is because only if your well of self-love is full is it possible for you to let your love spill over onto others. Loving yourself will also empower you to let good things come to you instead of, perhaps subconsciously, blocking them from manifesting in your life.

The Fairies See All of Us as Beautiful

Fairy queen Toorah recently told me that we do not see ourselves the way the fairies see us. They see us as the beautiful beings that we really are. I have to admit that there have been many times when I’ve looked in the mirror and thought something less than loving about my appearance; however, I have been using SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing), the energy modality I practice, to clear away those less than loving thoughts and to begin seeing myself as beautiful as the fairies see me.

To Help You Release:

In book two, Blossoming of Love, you will find some of the following information. Please read this list carefully because I am going to offer you an SVH clearing to help you release and rewrite every time in your life when you:

  • didn’t like yourself and/or how you looked
  • felt you had no purpose
  • thought you were not good enough or smart enough for__________(fill in the blank)
  • judged yourself and/or others harshly
  • believed you were too____________(fill in the blank)
  • were afraid to dream or follow your dream
  • were afraid of change, of being wrong, of living, of dying, of speaking your truth, of losing________(fill in the blank)

Sit Down and Make Your Own List

Although that is a fairly comprehensive list, I invite you now to sit down and make your own list to include in this clearing. Although you can list negative attributes you wish to release, it would be better to focus on the positive things you would like to include in your life. The clearing will help you release blocks to achieving them.

To Implement this Work:

Now that you have finished your list, I am going to offer you a powerful SVH clearing phrase to help you fill your well of self love. It is “I Love Me.” To activate this phrase for your future use and also to clear the negative items I listed above as well as release blocks to the positive attributes on your list you:

  1. Close your eyes and pretend to see a screen (movie, TV, computer, etc.) in front of you.
  2. Our lists of positive and negative issues/attributes as well as the clearing phrase “I Love Me” will be on the screen.
  3. Even if you see only darkness, there is a part of you that can distinguish everything on the screen.
  4. Silently ask the Creator (God, Goddess, All That Is…) if it is in your highest good for the Creator to implement your clearing and activate your clearing phrase.
  5. When you receive an affirmative sense or knowing, all you have to do to have this work immediately put in place by your God Self is say or think “yes!”

To Fill Your Well of Self Love:

Now that your clearing phrase, “I Love Me,” is activated, here is what you do to completely fall in love with yourself. Every time you catch yourself thinking a less than loving thought about yourself simply say or think the phrase “I Love Me.” This empowers your God Self to immediately jump into action to erase the formatting and foundations of the limiting conscious thoughts or words that hinder you from loving yourself unconditionally at the time you active the trigger phrase.

I also highly recommend reading my recent blog “Golden Ticket to Manifesting Your Ideal Scenarios.”

In joy,
Joy Elaine



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