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Creation began with a Poke, not a Bang

I recently asked Charlie, my Number 1 Swizzler son, if he experienced anything like a bang when he first began. He replied, “I didn’t hear nuthin’.” I try again by explaining that our theory of the beginning is that everything burst out from one particular point and then moved away from that point.


Charlie answered, “It was like a light switch just came on and there we were.”

“Did you see worlds and stars moving past you and out towards infinity?”

“No, I didn’t see nuthin’ like that. I was feelin’ everything like I was a sponge and I was also the water in the sponge. I felt that I was everything and that everything was a part of me.”


Charlie continued by saying that he also felt that it was going to be the most grand adventure ever because there were no limits anywhere to what was possible to experience when you were open to being fully present.


Hoping to get a different take on this subject, I invited Osiris to expound on the beginning of everything.

“I can feel it as if it was yesterday. It was Thoth who poked the hole through first as he will tell you himself over and over, and then came myself and then my beloved (Isis). We had no bodies; we simply were consciousness and we encountered a vastness of nothing. This was the only universe and it was a clean slate.”

“Our scientists postulate that at the very beginning there was this point, or maybe it wasn’t even a point, and then all of a sudden everything just went ‘poof’ from there and moved outwards. Is that anything like what you experienced?”


“We knew we were going to enter into an arena that was, shall I say, devoid, and so, the three of us put our heads together and made a plan that would unfold like a map. We had a preconceived plan and so it was that we created the first in our system by unfolding the map. It became Lyra as well as every star, every sun, every planet in this universe.”

“Stuff just started creating by itself?”

“It was our thought holding it. We focused, just as we have been teaching you. You have the vision of it, you hold the vision and you allow the forming elements to come together and there it is!”


“You are saying that the three of you thought and then everything was there?”

“Well, it took six days. I am making a joke! We knew we were moving in to create, and that there was nothingness. So we entered with a plan. We packed our bags, my dear. We knew we were not coming home for a long time so we made a very big plan.”

“Did you create people?”

“Oh no, we were creating first the places for them to be. We were not even people yet! We were consciousness and energy.”

“How did people come into being?”

“Then there were another forty-four who came through. They pushed beyond this universe to their own positions where they would be supporting and they unfolded their maps to create the other forty-six universes. People came later. You must realize this was the very beginning. There was nothing!”


I’m still tangled up trying to find out how long this all took to happen, and so I bring Liponie’s ninety-four quatturodecillion (forty-five zeroes) years of age into the conversation.

“If Liponie’s age is accurate, our estimate of the age of our universe is way off.”

“My dear, you can use as many zeroes as you wish and in every year you will find the answers that you thought were correct. Then there will be a new understanding. We do not feel the need to correct anyone for it is only zeroes.”

Complete text of this information will be found in book ten, working title is Forever Home.

There is also some creation information in book three, A Wish is Granted.

(Although Osiris made no mention of God, all the galactic and ascended masters acknowledge and refer to the Creator as “The Great One.”)



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