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Liponie, My True Blue—He Really Is—Genie Friend

In book one of the Joy Chronicles, Path of Sweetness, I got around to asking my angel guide, Esthra, about genies. Of all beings considered to be magical, it has always seemed to me that genies would be at the top of the list; consequently, I’ve been fascinated by stories about them for much of my adult life. When Esthra confirmed that I’ve had ninety-four lives as a genie, even though I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, I decided I’d like to speak with a real live genie.

Esthra recommended an individual named Liponie and assured me that he was jolly as well as being “of the highest character.” I didn’t immediately get around to speaking with Liponie because Tonas and I were involved in some very important transmissions involving an “Easter egg.” When we activated the egg, he and I became “maps” because the egg sent out threads that connected the two of us to all worlds of duality in every universe; this was so that the timing of the evolution of all those worlds would match Earth’s completion of its 25th dimension and movement into the Fifth Realm in approximately three hundred and fifty years or so. (You’ll just have to read the Joy Chronicles to get the full picture of that information.)

Not too long after we did that transmission, I had the intention of asking Liponie if he could help me feel more magical. As soon as I thought about speaking with him, I heard him announce, “I am Liponie.” Of course, I was very impressed with how quickly he appeared and my admiration, respect and love for this genie has grown exponentially since our first meeting.

Although Liponie can change his appearance in an instant, he told me genies are not usually that tall; he’s about my height (5’6”). The time I saw him his hair was short, wavy and brown, he had a big smile on his face and a tasteful gold earring in one ear.

Genies in Lamps is a Myth

During our first conversation, he told me that the idea of capturing and storing a genie in a bottle was a myth. (I once gave him a present of a lamp just like the one pictured with this article. He laughed and told me he would treasure it always.) I also learned that although he was once a genie on Earth, he now resided on the world Andromeda. (Yes, it’s a world and the people living on it don’t call it Andromeda.) He explained he was currently involved with creating decorations (Think designing swirling lights in the sky similar to our Aurora Borealis—not hanging crepe paper streamers and putting floral arrangements on tables.) for a big celebration their world was having. When I asked him what they were celebrating, I was stunned to realize that they were celebrating the work that Tonas and I had just done!

I refocused on my agenda and requested assistance with being magical. He assigned me the task of making a list of everything I believed was impossible; I felt a bit dour at the idea of attempting this, but agreed to try. Looking back on the list I made, many of the items weren’t impossible at all and even though I haven’t yet achieved all of them, I know that I eventually will.

Your Wish is My Command Really Happens

The phrase associated with genies, at least in my mind, is “Your wish is my command.” Liponie has an uncanny ability to manifest your wish even before you wish it. It happens like this for me: Say I need to come up with a gift for Tonas, for example. I begin to think about thinking about it and Liponie will suggest an item that is perfect. I don’t know how he does it. Maybe because the second time we met he asked if he could be my jinn. Remembering the stories I’d heard about tricks jinn liked to play, I was a little bit nervous about agreeing to that relationship, but since Esthra had highly recommended Liponie, I agreed. I shudder to think how much more difficult our council work would be without Liponie on our team. Plus, he is superb at helping me play an occasional prank on our Joy Council team. (Can you picture my enormous, dragon friend, Woonfred, in a mammoth, spotted bunny rabbit suit with big floppy ears? In Paths of Freedom, everyone at the council table got popped into a bunny suit for April Fools’ Day, but Woonfred’s was the most hilarious.)

Genies Were Considered to be Toys

Osiris told me that Liponie is the first genie ever created and that no more have been created for millions of years since the galactic councils of light made it illegal to do so. There are thousands of genies now involved in Joy Council work in all the universes but that was not the case when the Joy Councils began. (Teaching SVH to those who were willing to learn helped to emancipate many of them.) At that time, genies were owned and they were often mistreated because they were considered to be “toys.” The only way they got to be free was if their owner died. What frequently happened if that occurred is that someone else would claim them. Since they were created to be servants they usually accepted that fate.

Liponie was created by a man named Gogohsha to entertain his little boy. When the boy grew up, Liponie became as if a slave to the father. He gained his freedom by giving his master everything he desired. Liponie never told me exactly how that caused Gogohsha to die…but it did. I felt no remorse when I heard that story; Liponie is my friend and deserves to be treated like a king.

One reason Liponie is so good at creating could be because he’s had a long, long time to practice. When I asked him how old he was, he calculated for a little bit and then told me he was ninety-four quatturodecillion years old. It looks like this:

94,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in United States numbering. (Britain would have eighty-four zeros instead of only forty-five.)





Liponie did get married but not to another genie. (There’s only one female, after all.) That’s another story.

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