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Fairies and Spring

The Fairies and Spring Gardens

This interaction with Sheliah occurred in February of 2017 (You will find it in Book Nine which is, as yet, untitled.) and the fairies were already gearing up for spring. Even though it is always summer in the fairy gardens (also always day) the fairies are aware of the change of seasons that humans experience and they help to prepare our gardens!

We Help Your Gardens Grow:

During my visit with Sheliah she told me, “We watch over your gardens and we help them grow. Rosebud sits and he likes to put his finger on his chin. He leans forward and he thinks very strong; he’s thinkin’ about ‘em! Very soon there will be some gardens coming. There are little things poppin’ out of the ground.”

I was excited to share with her that my daffodils were about four inches tall. Yesterday it had been seventy degrees but this morning there was a dusting of snow on my back porch. She remarked that daffodils like a little bit of snow; it’s like a bath for them.

We Give Good Energy to the Bees and Butterflies:  

“Rosebud is visioning what the gardens will look like. He is thinking about the bees and the pollination and the butterflies. We are here to support them because they are living on the land; we’ve got to give them lots of good energy so that they can be hopeful.”

Charlie’s Genius Idea:

I had no idea the fairies went about their job as Earth keepers in such a fashion! I asked Charlie if he had anything to say to Sheliah and the suggestion that poured out of his mouth was pure genius. “You know, Sheliah, you don’t have to think that hard if you don’t want to. We could get a transmission and send all of your hard thinkin’s out to the gardens.”

If You Stop and Think:

Charlie continued by saying that way the fairies could do other things besides stopping and thinking. “Because if you stop and think, you know what that does.” When Sheliah answered that she didn’t know what that did, he explained that it made it so that they forgot about the fun. Sheliah replied that they thought it was fun to do the thinkin’ but she liked Charlie’s idea.

Gaia joined us and Charlie shared his idea with her. She thought it was a goodly idea and asked Sheliah to give her an image of the fairies’ great thinking so that the images could be spread throughout Earth.

Gaia said this transmission would be ready the next time I came to the council.

Fairy Fashion Show this Year!:

P.S. In honor of spring this year, the fairies are going to come to the Joy Council and put on a fashion show for us! I can’t wait to see their clothes!


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