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Fairy Queens

According to Gaia, there are 23,562,812 fairies on Earth. There are many fairy gardens and each garden has a fairy queen. Gaia supplied the following fairy queen names for me:


Amelia, OH—Mowteeah

Arctic—This garden covers a very large region and the queen’s name is Low.

Auckland, New Zealand—Feesah

Avebury, England—Pahtee is the queen and Chochee is her partner.

Beloit, WI—Sassy

Belvidere, IL—Booshe

Berkeley, CA—Sahdeeuh

Bloomington, IN—Chulee became queen in April 2016; Bobo is her partner; Fossie is the former queen

Boston, MA—Two queens—Poesee and Hoenee

Bridgewater, NJ—Sehree

Chicago, IL—Two queens—Fournee and Hahmpoh

Cincinnati, OH—Toorah

Denver, CO—Yohnee

Freeport, IL—Lowsee

Farm where I spent my first years—Lolalah was the queen originally. Sheliah became queen then Jazzameen became queen when Sheliah became an emissary.

Indianapolis, IN—Jassie

Italy—Queen Cornelia’s garden is in a region called Fironea and there are no big cities—mostly villages

Jacksonville, FL—Ohshe

Janesville, WI—Weewee or with a French flair OuiOui

London, England—Four queens—Pahnah, Lowhah, Judee, (accent on dee) and Poenuh who has pink hair.

Loves Park, IL—Pokie

Madison, WI—This is a large garden and the queen is Trayeye.

Milford, OH—Cohkey

Minneapolis, MN—Three queens—Lowgee, Crowme and Metee

New York, NY—Sowmuh

Oakland, CA—Two queens—Hoetee and Minnee (accent on nee and her garden would include the Sacred Well Bookstore)—63 fairies in Minnee’s garden

Oregon, IL—Toesah

Oregon, WI—Trayno

Paris, France—Five queens—Notee, Rah, Fionee, Kahnee, Poot (who likes to wear orange)

Phoenix, AZ—Gaia calls this is a pinnacle city because a pinnacle of great energy radiates outward from that point. There are sixty or more pinnacle cities. Myohmee is the queen.

Portland, OR—Ee

Raleigh, SC—Feelow

Rockford, IL—Queen Coohrum has red hair

San Diego, CA—Queen Fohneesah

San Francisco, CA—This garden includes some of the redwood trees. Lahtee is queen

Seattle, WA—Binee (accent on nee)

Sidney, Australia—Chahlee

South Beloit, IL—Mossnee

Vancouver, BC Canada—Bahntee

Westerly, RI—Chahyah

Zurich, Switzerland—Three queens—Summa, Careeoheeuh and Kaykeeuh

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