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Gaia Speaks

Speaking with Gaia, I ask,

“Can you tell me anything encouraging that I can share with people now about Earth and where we’re going? Many things are happening that have people worried.”

This is nothing new:

“We have experienced stories like this over and over again, and many individuals have felt as though life could not continue as it was. The world would soon be over because of the invention of a repeating rifle.” She giggles. “Certainly, humanity cannot exist with something like this. Everyone will be dead, they think. I can also tell you there have been plagues on us that have been all encompassing of the minds. People have felt that there was never to be a feeling of safety again.”

Paradise awaits:

“It is true that it will be different, my dear, and it is known to be so because of the current evolution. If I were to tell everyone, ‘There is a paradise waiting for you. You have within your grasp the ability to open the gateway and step into it. Or, you can stay where you are and have a grand adventure that will include many experiences that are not comfortable to you; however, in the end you will make a death and look back on this as a great adventure.’”

Eternal experience:

“Step through that gateway and there is no death. There is only eternal experience and gladness, of course.” Gaia continues by asking, “Oh, but will there be pumpkin pie? Well, if you wish there can be the best pumpkin pie that you ever consumed in your life.”

“This is encouraging, Gaia. Again, you are saying it is a matter of focusing on what you desire rather than being in fear of what is currently happening, right?”

Enjoy it all!

“There is a forward focus that will guide individuals beyond these days of darkness that they believe are true. If you simply look up instead of looking down, you will see the beauty of us, the splendor of us. You can enjoy simply looking at a tree knowing that that tree will remain and bring to you the splendor of itself in all its seasons. Enjoy that. Enjoy the spring flowers. Enjoy the winter rains and snows. Enjoy it all! It is life.”

Open your heart:

“Live outside of the story of the masks. Open your heart and allow your heart to guide you, for I can promise you that within that space there is joy!”

Note: The paradise Gaia is referring to is non-duality. All of humanity currently exists in a blend of the duality of the fifth and sixth dimensions. A few people are experiencing moving briefly into the 7th dimension and then back into the 6th. In the 7th dimension, it is possible to exist “as non-dual.” Non-duality includes the abilities of teleportation, telepathy, the ability to manifest instantly anything you desire, and one of my favorites—perpetually renewing ageless bodies.


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