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Ashtar and Gaia on 2021


Fly above those holding a vibration lesser than you and create what you would wish.


“Individuals who are awake are choosing to march forward into new tomorrows that can be as if a new star where they can create a new life. Let Earth be that star for you! Let Gaia provide the stairsteps leading to that energy that is an open field of fertile soil that is ready for the seeds that you would plant in it.


“Live with a focus that you will not engage that which is beneath the vibration of truth. If you do not know your truth, then seek it out within your heart. Be wary a little bit of your head. That which speaks to you from your cranium is often caught up in that which is beneath the true worth of what you can create.”

“If only everyone would switch off their technology and listen only to their heart. How can anyone truly believe what they are hearing? The vibration of it is so brightly lit as an agenda to guile the individual and draw them away from their own sensibilities.


“Remember this. It is the focus of the heart that will lead individuals to know their truth and to claim it. The bulk of individuals who live on your continent are not questioning, they are accepting. They are policing each other, and they are so committed to following or fighting the agendas. If there were enough individuals who were simply neutral and only supporting the energy of the highest truth, then truth would have to shine and those who sleep would awaken.”


“Since our third dimension and fourth dimension selves have released, we are now preparing for fifth dimension to be fully swallowed up by the sixth dimension so that sixth dimension is the highest frame of existence for the next twenty-five to seventy years. I am with you and the many others of this world who are supporting this elevation. Those who are choosing to step out of that which is of a lesser degree of sweetness will find that there are little or no distractions and creations by the thoughts and the hearts of individuals who would create conflict. It is a new time where one can truly rise to live a life that is free of the old stories. It is like shedding the skin of a snake.


“It will take a little while for individuals to become accustomed to this new energy. I know this is causing some aggravation in individuals, and yet it is shaking loose a little bit of that skin. As such it is reminder that the gates are flung open for all that one might wish to experience. This world that is us can be the dream life. One simply must allow the skin to shed and leave it in the past. Move up the staircase to whatever arena feels the most comfortable to you. To do this is simply to manage your mind.


“You wish for a message for the people of our world? Remember who you are for indeed you are a glorious vision of what is to be. You are the pathway for yourself. You must rise to take the steps one at a time and it is always a choice. Shall I step back into the muck, or shall I step out of the muck? I am not judging the muck for it is a part of our story. Everyone is special; everyone is ready when they are ready. I do what I can. I will find my way to that higher dimensional frame that allows all who choose it to rise up out of the muck.”


Gaia went on to explain that eventually 5th dimension will release and drift away and we will be in only 6th dimension—then a blend of 6 and 7 and then only 7. Nothing of duality can enter Earth’s 8th dimension for it is truly our first non-dual dimension. However, the good news is that in 7th dimension it is possible to LIVE AS NON-DUAL! That is my goal!

What characterizes 6th dimension? Your desires will manifest more quickly; hence the importance of mastering your mind and focusing on what you wish to create rather than what is wrong or what you don’t like.


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