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What If?

Let me propose a series of possibilities that many of you will consider impossible. If you have heard me speak at an expo, or if you have read any of The Joy Chronicles, you will perhaps consider that you can achieve everything on this list. The non-dual masters that you meet in the books I’ve written—Ashtar Commander Tonas, Osiris, Isis, Sananda, Hathor, Horus, Thoth, and Thor to name a few—already embrace these possibilities.

Possibilities for Your Life:

  • What if you knew why you were here and you were doing that purpose or being that purpose every moment?
  • What if, no matter what others said or did to you, you could remain calm and at peace?
  • What if you knew you didn’t need a bucket list?
  • What if your body was perfectly healthy?
  • What if you felt and looked young?
  • What if your moods swung only from happiness to bliss?
  • What if you loved yourself completely?
  • What if your wildest dreams—do you have any?—came true?
  • What if you could instantly create with clarity, focus and love anything you desired?


Some of you have undoubtedly achieved, at least partially or occasionally, many of these attributes. Congratulations to you! The good news is that because all of Earth is evolving and moving into the higher dimensions, everyone will live this way when we reach the 8th dimension. (If you want to know what dimensions we currently exist within, check out “The Bridge into Non-Duality”  on page 3 of my blog. I also recommend on that page the “Self Love” blog.)

More Good News:

It is possible for an individual to achieve non-duality before Earth herself moves into the 8th dimension. Non-duality will happen sooner for those of you “walking your talk.” You say what you mean and mean what you say. Here are some suggestions to help you do just that.

  1. Change this phrase, “It’s to die for,” to this, “It’s to live for!”
  2. Choose carefully any words you utter after the powerful phrase, “I am . . .”
  3. Find a healing modality that uplifts you. I recommend SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) but there are other good ones.
  4. Give up gossiping.
  5. Quit watching the news.
  6. Give up the phrase “I can’t.”
  7. Monitor your thoughts. When you find yourself focusing on something negative or something you don’t want, switch to a positive focus. This one has been a big challenge for me but the next suggestion has greatly helped me.
  8. Use the information in the Golden Ticket blog to begin creating ideal scenarios for your life. I use this masterful tool daily to continually clear blocks to what I desire!

Know that you are a master remembering and evolving to embrace your perfection.

In joy,


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