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Joy Council Masters of Light Assisting Humanity

In book three of The Joy Chronicles, A Wish is Granted, I spoke with some of the masters sitting around the Joy Council table and asked each of them to tell me about their origin and their role in assisting humanity. Here is what they told me:

Osiris said he is the patriarch of Andromeda, Sirius and Arcturus and is also a guardian of Earth and humanity.

Isis is the matriarch of those same realms as well as a great guardian of humanity. She explained that she and Osiris were the first that existed in ancient times; three trillion years or so before Odin, Shiva and others who were considered to be gods.

Horus confirmed that his parents are Osiris and Isis and that his role is also to be a guardian to humanity. “It is our greatest desire as well as our passion to assist those who are in an awakened state as well as those who are nearing their awakened state.  Yet our focus is even broader to include all the sentience of Earth.”

Hathor sounded regal as she greeted me and said that she is the consort of Horus. “He is younger than myself, and quite active. My role on Earth has been to assist those who are awakening to that spirit of light within them and to recognize the great joy that can be brought through the awareness of the truth of being. There is no desire or need for struggle when one is compliant with the truth of their nature. I, like you, am joy.”

When I asked her who her parents are, she said she is original, as Osiris and Isis are original.

Thoth explained that he plays a role that allows the individuals of Earth and other worlds to recognize their individuality. “The spirit of the essence of their greatest strength is to understand that they are unique. That is the piece that is to be found among the human species; that they shall rise to know that their greatest strength is not to be of the collective. It is to be a part of the collective and to be an individual.”

El Morya was the next person to speak about himself and his origin. I’ve heard people call him Morya or Moyra. When I asked him which pronunciation he preferred, he said there were many ways to say his name and added that many call him Morya.

Morya went on to say, “My origins are varied. I am in presence on Earth much. Once it was inspired within me that humanity would become a part of my heart, I have dedicated myself to the evolution of all those that are in readiness.”

I spoke with Sananda next and asked him if the picture I saw on the internet that was taken at Chichen Itza about thirty years ago really was his likeness. He laughed and said that it would be very difficult for someone to capture a picture of him in this dimension since the particles of his being are quite speedy.

Sananda told me that he is from Andromeda but he also has some origins of Lyra. (I assume he meant that he has ancestors from both those worlds.) He also said, “It is, to me, a quest of heart to be as much of everything that I can be for the human beings of Earth, for they are the youngest species of sentient beings that exist throughout all of each and every of the universes. And so, as this fledgling race evolves to remember its greatest truth, it is I who am always present shining the brightest light for each of them as they are looking for a spark to guide them. I am always there. It is my dedication; it is the reason for my ascending and it is the reason for my focus of purpose that exists at this time. For the last six million years it has been my highest priority.”

The dedication and passion in his voice were undeniable. Sananda is one of the masters who has been with me my entire life; I feel a very strong connection to him and am so grateful for his unwavering assistance.

Melchizedek spoke next to say that he, too, is long-lived. He was an initiate of the ancient academies of Earth millions of years ago.


When those of your fellowship made their presence known to us, our hearts opened, for the love that we felt for you drew to us a kinship that was in partnership as well as the sense of being almost guardian and parent. I have dedicated myself to humanity.

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