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My Life as an Author

(Picture Above is “Where the Magic of Writing Takes Place)

I didn’t know I was an author until I was sixty-eight. Oh, a friend of mine had been telling me for several years that I would write lots of books. I laughed at the idea and vehemently (I haven’t  used that word in my books but it’s a great “author’s word.”) denied I would ever do anything like that.

Proof My Friend was Right

Short Stories too Short

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to write. I’d attempted to write two short stories. They were short, (note that I did not use the word “very.” That is a terrible author’s word and your editor will tell you to delete every one of those in your manuscript.) as in two paragraphs and three paragraphs long, respectively. I’d written a few so-so poems, and one I knew was great—my guide Esthra told me later that he was my muse for it.

Magic is Real

In June or July 2014, after I’d been speaking with Ashtar Commander Tonas for four or five months, I realized that I had to let other people know about the marvelous things he’d been telling me about the future—my future, the Earth’s future, and your future. I discovered that the magic I had always subconsciously hoped for does exist!

Where The Magic of Channeling Takes Place

Where the Fairies Are

Here’s one aspect of magic: fairies, dragons, elves, dwarves, leprechauns, and many other creatures considered to be “mythical” do exist. They are located slightly off the dimensions where humans live, because our past interactions with them haven’t turned out so well. When we reach non-duality (eighth dimension for Earth) we will be able to interact peacefully with all those beings.

Definition of Magic

My angel guide Esthra’s definition of magic is this: the ability to create instantly anything you desire. No wands or spells are needed; creation requires focused intention/attention. Now, perhaps you’ve noticed in the last few years, or perhaps months, that things you desire show up more rapidly in your life than they used to. As the vibration of Earth continues to rise, the process of manifesting will continue to speed up.

How to Get Good at Manifesting

If you’d like to get really good at manifesting, I suggest you start using the information in my “Golden Ticket” blog. The three steps described in that article use an incredibly powerful SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) process to help you remove blocks to any ideal scenario you choose.

What Compelled Me to Write

Here are two gold nuggets of information that Tonas shared with me that compelled me to write: in non-duality (8th dimension of Earth) there is no aging—bodies are perpetually renewing. Tonas, who was born on a non-dual world and exists on a non-dual dimension of Earth is over twenty-five million years old. (He looks like he’s about thirty.) Plus, in non-duality, you create anything you desire in an instant. This includes the ability to change your physical appearance. (I’ve seen the version of me that exists on the 10th dimension of Earth and I look like I’m about twenty-three.)

It Ain’t Easy, but It’s Wonderful

Being an author isn’t particularly easy—my learning curve was a vertical straight line—but writing The Joy Chronicles is one of the major purposes of my life. The other is to be joyful.


Books to Take to Expos for You


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