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Thor: Norse God of Thunder and Lightning

I’ve been a fan of the Norse gods for years and Thor is one of my favorites. It’s time to set the record straight about this man because, from conversations I’ve had with some of the beings we call gods, they and he have been misrepresented. I recently spoke with him at length and learned several interesting things.

First of all, I apologize for the picture that accompanies this article. From what Thor told me, the only two aspects of it that I’m sure are correct are:

  1. He is a very large man—6 foot 6 inches—with a body that is very filled out (He told me Commander Ashtar was a “skinny man” compared to him.) and
  2. his hammer was capable of creating lightning… more about that later.

He never had a beard. (He asked me why he would choose to have hair on his face.) His hair is long and blonde and he has blue eyes.

He told me that he did not have a mother or a father. Trying to get some more information about that interesting fact, I asked him if he just popped into existence; he answered that he didn’t know if there was a popping sound or not. I told him I meant that one minute he didn’t exist and the next instant he did. When he said that is the way everyone begins, I explained that we like to think we start from a birth. He told me that “all the ones that came in from the beginning came to this universe. We birthed into it; we created into it; we became, in some way, the founders of it.”

“You told me you had a hammer. How do you pronounce the name of it?”

“Hohneer might be what they called it, but they had many ways of speaking. I cannot become attached to what they called something. They named everything, even my belt and gloves.

It must be said, my dear, that I never struck anything with my hammer. The hammer is actually a key shape and when it moved through the air it carried a resonance that changed the energy all around. It did make the lightning, thunder and many things.”

“So you used it to calm situations?”

“Yes, but also I could create many things from it.”

“Did you make it?”

“I conceived it.”

“And did it come back to you after you threw it?”

“Yes, and it is a silver-colored stone in the shape of a key (I think he means something like the head of a skeleton key.) attached to a golden stem; the stem and the stone are not from this universe. It resonates a vibration that changes matter in an instant. It can cause rain; it can cause sunshine; it can bring sunlight in the middle of night; it can create a shaft of sunlight in the darkness, as well. It is a reminder to everyone and everything that that which is in presence can be changed with a momentary action. It was required for action on Earth itself for if an individual showed magic only with a thought, why would you need a hammer. I found that in a dual world it is most acceptable to move energy and create as great of a lightning show as possible. Then you have the attention of those that you are willing to teach.”

“I heard you tell me that you could do a thunderbolt. What is that?”

“It comes from the hammer. It is a sound with a streak of light—you call it lightning—within the bolt which is as if a cloud itself.”

Thor re-iterates that he never struck anything or anyone with the hammer; it was a tool that he used just as I might use a paintbrush.

“Is there anything else that you’d like to tell the people of Earth about your life?”

“When Earth is in the 8th dimension, I will step upon the land once again then.”

I am thrilled to hear this and tell him that I can hardly wait. He says that I will see the magnificence of him and that he is one that was… He pauses and then says, “I do not like to say I was removed; however, it was caused for me to no more manifest as a physical being in front of those and to be their teacher.”

“Osiris told me that the Egyptian gods were prevented from working with humanity for almost 3,000 years because their assistance was advancing humans too quickly. Is that what happened for you also?”

“Yes, indeed.”

“I can’t see that as a fault but obviously the galactic councils did.”

“It is the privilege of humanity to evolve, you see. I am spending a great deal of time on other universes. They have no cause to banish me.”

“Are Odin and Loki from this universe?”

“We were all brought in through this window.”

“Will Odin and Loki be back when we are in the 8th dimension?”

“There is nothing to stop us. The laws do fully open the way when individuals are at that presence of heart.”


It’s time to set the record straight about this man because, from conversations I’ve had with some of the beings we call gods, they and he have been misrepresented. I recently spoke with him at length and learned several interesting things.

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