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Messages from the Archangels

The Archangels Speak:

Yesterday, I moved my awareness to the sacred space where I do the Joy Council work and asked Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Metatron to join me. Imagine, or pretend to see, four handsome men with shoulder-length hair wearing tunics over long-sleeved shirts and loose trousers. No wings or swords accompanied them, but their energy was incredibly bright and uplifting. (Michael told me once that his aura is so bright sometimes people perceive him with wings. Remember that since the angels are non-dual, they can appear in any way they choose.)

Michael—Your Hearts Know the Way:

I asked the group for a holiday message with words of encouragement that I could share with my readers. Michael spoke first, saying, “Sisters and brothers of heart, you might believe that the world is turned upside down. However, it is always upside-right in your heart. Remember, that whatever is happening on the Earth, it is not the first time. It is simply only a new flavor because of the technologies of the day. Your hearts know the paths that lead to the redemption of all that is occurring on Earth. Find your footing, find your heart and the way to do so is to only focus on the positive potentials of any reality. This holds higher potentials and fuels them, like feeding water to a thirsty plant to become strong again. Remember that the words and the thoughts that you are thinking and speaking are lighting up the potentials for the reality of the present as well as the future. Leave the past where it is and trust.”

Metatron—Make Every Day Holy:

“Metatron here, my dear, greetings. If you would like a holiday message, may I remind you that holiday is actually a holy day. If you make every day holy and you make that day stand out as if it is the best day of your life. Then each day will progressively increase to become the highest vision you could ever imagine for the possibilities of your future. Every step of the way becomes even more elevated so it is easier to ride the wave to the top when you are in gleefulness, happiness and in focused concentration of the sweetest potentials that you would wish for yourself and others. Think not of things that will lower your energy. Think only of that which will elevate it. Each elevation that you achieve helps the rest of the world.”

Gabriel—Live Confidently in the Present:

“I am Gabriel. What is the most wonderful future and present that you can imagine? Forget about your fears and live confidently in the present knowing that all in the history of Earth that was a scourge has fallen into the history books or into the history of Gaia herself. The vision of your heart holds only the most wonderful opportunities for you. The universes and The Great One (God) support your designs. So design with favor, design with the image of what you would wish and make this holy day season the beginning of an amazing future and a beautiful present of now.”

Raphael—Design Your Life with Passion:

“Raphael, my dear. Some have designed me to be a leader of many things. I take on board all that is desired of me because I truly am your champion. We all are. You are never alone. No matter how life presents itself to you today every breath fuels the possibilities of a new tomorrow that is freer of, or possibly even completely free, of that which holds you in a lesser vision of what is and can be. I am your artist, pen in hand, writing and designing what you would choose. Painting, I hold the colors on the palette and the brush for you until you are ready to pick them up with passion and begin to design your life again. Many have set down the brush and all the colors that are possible and they are painting with gray. It is not for you to paint in gray! It is for all of you to paint your life in the brightest and most beautiful colors. For indeed, your garden of life awaits the planting of seeds that will harvest you the most beautiful, painting, book, written or designed vision come into its fulfillment. Be the one with your hand on the pen. Let yourself be the one holding the brush. I will continue to hold your palette of colors and move around with you every moment cheering you on and reminding you that you can create anything. The story that is playing on this world is only a story. Try diligently not to enter the plot of these stories. Be the designer of your life, and as that designer, remember that the palette is of the many colors of light.”

Michael says, “I hope we have done a goodly job for you. It is our greatest hope to inspire you.”

“You are all wonderful! Thank you so much.”


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