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Miracles for Spring Equinox

In Sheliah’s fairy garden with Charlie and Tonas. Charlie is beginning a building project and so he is outfitted like Bob the Builder with the addition—he felt it was essential—of a long mustache that curls on both ends.


Sheliah exclaims, “Oh! Greetings to all of you! Welcome to my garden!”

“Thank you. How is Rosebud?”

“He is very, very good, and also, he likes to play with lots of things. One of the things he plays with now is snails,” she giggles.

“Snails, huh?”

“Yeah, because they like to race very s-l-o-o-o-w.”

I laugh and agree that is the way snails race.

“Sometimes he makes little roads of petals for them to crawl on so they can leave a little bit of their juicy stuff on it.” More giggles. “Actually, whoever wins, I conk ‘em.”

I wonder for a bit what a conk does for a snail and then decide not to pursue that line of inquiry.


“Sheliah, can you tell me something encouraging for people to hear? You know we have an equinox coming up.”

“Yes, it is a new beginning, of course. It brings to us the vision of hopefulness, of beauty, of flowers and people opening up their hearts. Nothing opens the heart more than a beautiful flower, and they love to come to everybody! And all the leaves are coming out on the trees to say hello. And the grasses start to green and Aton (the Sun) shines in evenness, you see. This is very welcome because it is the message to the Earth, to all of everything, that it is a new time to open their hearts for readiness to be happier. And blue skies, too. Sometimes it will rain. We like the rains.”


“Charlie, do you have something to say to Sheliah?”

“Yes, first of all, I would like to wish you a happy day in your preparation for the equinox. And I’d like to also say that even though you have flowers here all year, I want to thank you for your great service to the world. Your service to the world offers everyone that happiness that is going to be a special time to play in the sunshine. To have sunny days and to open the minds to many possibilities. Those good things that we used to have we like very much, and so we are wanting only the good things now, please.”

Sheliah offers, “Oh-ho, Charlie. I conk you for that! That was very good.”

After we request one, Tonas and I each receive a conk. He says, ”Thank you for that, my dear. I have always been a fan of all that is working in the background to assist this wonderful world. How delightful to have such a wonderful team worldwide working individually garden by garden, and the unified thought between all of you for the land as well as the sea. We leave the skies to Ashtar.”


“Sheliah, I’d like to sign all of us up for miracles this year.”

“We will help you. Miracles, miracles, miracles, yes, yes, yes!”

“Would you like to say goodbye, Charlie?”

“I want to give her a peck on her cheek.”

Sheliah giggles and says, “Oh, that tickles! I like that. Can you do another one?” Giggles erupt again. “Do more,” tee-hee. “Do it again. Your mustache is very tickly. Can you stay a little while longer?”

“Mommy, can I stay a little while? She might want ten more hours of this kissin’.”

Tonas agrees to bring Charlie back to the council when the kissing is over.


Recent advice from a master that I am sure will assist miracles to blossom into your life: spend a few minutes every day looking for what is right in your life and in the world.


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