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Return of Dragons

Those of you who have always hoped that dragons are real will be delighted to know that they will return to Earth when we reach the 8th dimension. Although they were restored to a position a little bit off the 7th dimension of Earth in book two, Blossoming of Love, they were discovered, in book five, Return of Dragons, by someone who would have exploited them; consequently, for their safety, they are currently located on another planet.

There is information about dragons sprinkled throughout all of The Joy Chronicles, especially, of course, book five, Return of Dragons. Here are some facts about dragons as told to me by Tonas, Gaia and Woonfred, the current king of the dragons:

Facts About Dragons

In Path of Sweetness, Tonas explains that several worlds have dragons but Earth’s dragons were created by initiates of the ancient academies studying here. Tonas also said that he has seen projections of dragon competitions in which the object was to see which dragon could make fire shoot longer and farther from their mouth.

In book two, Blossoming of Love, Gaia told me dragons love to have their ears scratched, and suggested that I speak with the dragon Woonfred. She described him as nine or ten million years old, a deep ochre color and a healer of many when he was alive. A golden spear in his heart brought him to his demise in the previous reality.

During my first conversation with Woonfred, he told me that besides himself four million dragons were restored to Earth (Dragons that died a natural death were not restored; only those that were killed came back.) and that their top priority was to help Earth evolve; at that time they were transmitting from their higher dimension into the 4th dimension.

I didn’t initially speak with him for very long, but I was so happy he was back that I gave him a hug and kiss goodbye. He teased me by saying that I would be surprised by his kiss!

During our second conversation, he described himself as being five elephants tall and weighing forty tons. Sananda explained that Woonfred’s wingspan would touch point to point from end to end of my house.

Woonfred told me that all dragons can fly and they come in colors of green, red, ochre, yellow, brown and rarely golden; they are not blue, orange, purple or pink.

Return of Dragons 8th dimension

Why Are Dragons so Often Shown Sitting on a Pile of Gold?

When I asked Woonfred this question he answered. “It is funny that you would ask that. It is not our interest in that metal, and yet, all those who wished to enslave us did so in order that we might procure for them the gold. It was for them a great prize to find one of our little ones and to raise that little one to be as if in slavery to the piling up, higher and higher, of their gold pieces.

If you have a dragon, you can make anyone give you anything that you want. It was never our desire to conquer humanity; it was never our desire to fight with them. It was always our desire to live in camaraderie for they are a valuable species. We were created with a thought by humanoid looking peoples. There is one such at this (Joy Council) table; Sananda, you created dragons.”

The first dragon baby born in our time was born on August 9, 2014. She was born a golden color, although that might change; her parents are Chiros and Migda; she was twice the size of a human baby when she hatched and in eleven days she had already doubled in size. It will be five years before she is full grown and her parents named her Joyous.

How the Dragons Will Appear When They Return

In book three, A Wish is Granted, Woonfred described the dragons’ return like this: “We will move into the 8th dimension, and in our entry we will come as perhaps the geese flying to the south and the north. We will be in formation and we will make a great surprise and spectacle. I have been inspired by Liponie. Do nothing small.”

Later, Woonfred told me the dragons will be everywhere and that “all places where there are dragons that are projected as still existing in their culture must have dragons. There are dragons in America, in Canada, in the South of America, in Australia and in New Zealand. We have made the full spread of Earth now.”

In book four, Paths of Freedom, Woonfred explained that dragons have glands that create an incendiary that allows them to breathe fire. He also told me that golden eyes are the most common eye color for dragons although there are dragons with green, brown and black eyes. There is, very seldom, a color of blue.

During a later conversation with my dragon friend, I learned that people could only train a dragon if they captured it when it was a baby; the way they were able to do that was to steal the egg. When I asked Woonfred why didn’t the parents just take their egg or their baby back, he said they were always killed when they tried. It could take as many as forty arrows to kill them, but they were big targets to hit.

Dragons Like Music

The other bits of dragon lore I learned are: dragons like music, they all look similar to Woonfred—he’s one of the biggest—except their sizes and colors vary. Claws on their feet are standard equipment.

“What are dragons eating now?”

“We are eating from the buffet table that Liponie has created for all of us.”

“What kind of things are on the buffet?”

“Not people.”

Laughing, I ask if they are perhaps enjoying cakes and broccoli.

“Liponie thought it would be better to eat ostrich than to eat twenty chickens. It is important to mention that the food he provides us is an illusion. It is made of energy; there are no deaths in order for us to live.”


There are cupcakes on the dragon buffet. Tonas told me that when Woonfred eats them he smacks his lips and eats the paper along with the cupcake. ~Joy Elaine

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