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Cleopatra, Antony and Caesar

There are many stories of happily ever after love at the Joy Council and one of my favorites is the relationship of Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. The three of them joined the Joy Council in August of 2014 (Blossoming of Love). I had planned to invite only Cleopatra and Antony but Sananda recommended also inviting Caesar and I was happy to do so.

After watching a TV show about a woman who was searching for Cleopatra’s tomb, I decided to speak with the former pharaoh to find out more about her life and death. Even though nobody at the council I’d spoken with so far had been upset about discussing their demise, the subject still felt very awkward for me to bring up. Tell me how you died never comes up in the course of regular conversation on Earth.

When I broached this subject with Cleo (Just so you know, I don’t address her with that degree of familiarity at the council.) she said she would be up front with me if I asked her something she didn’t want to discuss.

When I asked her if she knew where she was buried, she told me it didn’t matter to her where her bones were and that they could have thrust her in with anyone. Typically, she would have been added to a tomb that already existed. She explained that she was so despised it was possible they put her in with someone quite common.

The Snake was the Easiest Way to Die

Next, I asked her how she died. She said that she took her own life and yes, she did use the snake. Her explanation for that choice was that it was the easiest way to die. I answered that I was not making light of her choice, but choosing to be bitten by a snake didn’t sound very easy to me.
“It was an easier choice than to be taken prisoner. I would have been paraded back to Rome and shamed before many crowds.

“One story has it that Marc Antony killed himself because he thought you had already done so.”

“We met in the afterlife and all was unified. We are, of course, ascended. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’m sorry you had to experience the deaths of two men you loved. Were you aware of Antony’s death?”

“After my death.”

“Did he know you died before or after he died?”

Antony says he can speak for himself and I thank him for speaking up.

“It was apparent that we were to be the subjects of great dishonor to our stations as well as to those that would follow us in their hearts. I thought that death would come welcome to me, and when I saw my beloved, she came into my arms and we were once again united.”

“I love stories like this… What would you like for the people today to know?”

Cleopatra asks to speak and I ask her to do so.

Live with the Vision of What You Wish to Create

“What I would wish to say to all whose hearts are open to hear it, is that it matters not what your story is or was. It is what you create now living from heart. Living with the vision of what you wish to create allows all that is touched by that vision to support what you create. I, though known as a great beauty, was indeed not. Yet those that saw me believed I was. And so, what you choose is what you project and what those whose eyes, hearts and minds fall upon you will believe. Rise to support what you project to them. It is simple; design what you would wish.

I had great expectations; I wished to control all of Rome, all of Egypt and beyond. I wished to have this and to share its bounty with my beloved. I was not a vicious and uncaring Queen. In fact, I was quite fair and just.

It is not necessary for one to have what is considered the perfect body in order to pleasure their beloved or to be pleasured. It is not necessary for the face to be especially comely if you believe that you are a queen and that you are beautiful and desirable. I was what you might consider the cat’s nip.”

I ask her if she has chosen to appear at the council as she did when she was alive. She answers, “Of course…what would I change? Some did not like my nose and some thought my lips misshapen. I used both of these to draw the vision of my eyes towards someone as if a spear. I felt my nose as if it was the bridge leading to them. My lips, as if a ripe pomegranate, to touch and to kiss such lips would be the greatest honor, no matter what their shape. My eyes were quite narrow; I expanded them with color and with charcoal. I became as if a mystery and I became as if a peacock. All you could see was my power and my presence.

Cleopatra—“Work with What You Have.”

Work with what you have; have it be enough and project it with the power within that allows all who vision you to know that what you project is the value that you seek others to bestow upon you. Yes?”

I truly am impressed with the power and the presence this woman emanates and admit that I could use some lessons in what she has been speaking about. She is kind enough to only comment that she thinks I need some charcoal.

Antony—“Find the Clear Stream Within.”

Antony speaks to say, “Whatever your heart draws you to, it should be clear and felt deeply, as clear as the waters of a mountain spring. Felt not because you have some unfinished business to do because of some other lives of experience, but as the true spark and connection with one another that comes from something greater than what you even know of yourself. I would suggest for all to find that clear stream within themselves that will attract and draw to them that which is of perfection.”

“I am Julius.”

I’m thrilled to hear this man’s voice and to be able to say hello to him.

Caesar—“To Love is Eternal.”

“I think, simply, my presence is enough. Does it not speak volumes that to love is more than life itself, for it is eternal. When you love, everything comes into the perspective, but be careful, for those who do not understand you and cannot feel that love can become jealous and search for ways to harden others’ hearts against you. Instead, step into who you are, be the best someone that you are and can be and live it. Be it. Leave nothing but that truth as your reality. And if someone kills you in the end, celebrate, for Joy will ascend you!”

I’m glad Caesar has a sense of humor. I thank the three of them for speaking with me and add that I am endeavoring to follow their advice. Cleopatra answers that they are honored. I finish our conversation, as I’m crying, by telling them it is wonderful for me to know of their enduring love for each other.


There is more information about Cleopatra in Book Five, Return of Dragons, and Book Eight (Dancing in the Wind, not yet published.)

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