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A Vision for Native Americans

First of all, as many of you know, you are not native to America. You are not even native to Earth. Your ancestors came from advanced non-dual worlds to experience living on dual Earth. (You know what it’s like living here now although that non-duality is in our future.) In many instances, you also came here to assist early humans. Without that assistance, I’m not sure we would have made it.  (Book six of the Joy Chronicles, Spaceship Earth/Return of the Star Tribes, is dedicated to you and your star tribe ancestors. In the front of that book I list many of the ways you helped us.)



Each of the books in the Joy Chronicles contains information about the transmissions we send out to assist not only “the people” but all of Earth. In book two, Blossoming of Love, those transmissions are supported by millions of non-dual beings from other worlds in our universe.

Also, millions of members of the tribes joined our council on the 10th dimension of our Moon to lend their support. They included: Crazy Horse, Chief Seattle, Buckongahelas, Geronimo, Spotted Eagle, Red Cloud, Black Kettle, Black Hawk, Black Elk, Corn Stalk, Hiawatha, Spotted Tail, Two Sticks, Cochise, Tecumseh and others. (They stayed at our council for about a year and then in the spring/summer of 2015 they returned to Earth so that they could more effectively support the tribes energetically.)



The ancient elders—although they are dead they are still supporting the tribes—are planning a powwow. You will feel the beat of the drums for forty-seven days beginning on Saint Patrick’s Day 2019. These energy gatherings will be in many locations throughout North America and will be for all tribes.


Here is the explanation that Chocheenaho gave me about the powwow next year. (You may read about who this Native American is in book two, Blossoming of Love.) The drumming will be as “a rain of truth from the stars reminding the hearts of our people that the dreams they have dreamt are open. They are open like their eyes and can become a way home to the presence of themselves that once was.”


I asked him for more explanation and he said: “The pieces of that which is offered us from those that have taken our land are agreeable, for indeed, we too were once visitors to this land. We made it a part of our heritage. Let us all be in partnership as a family of beings here to support the green and the brown and the blue. (He is referring to the Earth and all parts of her.) She is alive, this world, and we are her guardians. If we are to be her guardians, then shall we not also be the guardians of all of the people that exist as a part of her? Ocahnna haysha kahtah ohnahshay.”



Please read my blog article “Dream Big Do Bigger” to see what the future holds for all of us. We are in the process of remembering that we are one tribe. As we continue moving into the higher dimensions of Earth, all of us will experience the ability to practice manifesting our desires more easily and more quickly. That period of practice will prepare us to move into non-duality where manifesting is instantaneous.



Gaia has assured me that the Earth and all elements of her will be restored to their pristine nature when we are in the 8th dimension. Also, she will return all the extinct animals and plants to Earth when it elevates to that non-dual dimension. What do you want to add to that picture? It can be whatever you choose. Live comfortably in any environment you design? Visit the star you came from? Anything will be possible.



Join me and the Joy Councils in bringing this future into reality sooner than later. Read my books, read my blog and come to the expos I attend to learn how. And remember Chocheenaho’s words: “Your dreams can be the way home to the presence of yourself that once was.”


In joy,










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