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Ashtar Command

The spaceship picture accompanying this article is not an accurate portrayal of an Ashtar Command ship, but the light coming out of the bottom of it is. The Ashtar Command ship that I saw was at night, and although it was a great distance away, I could see that it was just beginning to lift a horse out of a pasture. (The horse would have been mine in a couple of years, but that’s another story.) I asked Ashtar if the light I saw coming out of the bottom of the ship was a tractor beam. He explained, in a serious tone of voice, that they don’t use a tractor; instead, the object to be moved is particlized and then restored once it is on the ship. It looks like the, “beam me up, Scotty” action portrayed in Star Trek was accurate.

I have seen a room inside an Ashtar Command ship. It was about one hundred feet long with a wall of equipment that had rows of lights and switches along it. (Imagine the cockpit of an airplane only much more complicated and lit up like a Christmas tree. There was one man standing in front of the wall and looking at the lights. When I telepathically showed this vision to Ashtar, he laughed, said I’d seen a room in the Crowley and that this was where they were doing surveillance of me, as well as other individuals.

The ships are powered by a form of crystal energy using advanced Tesla principles and the Commanders direct the movement of their ships with their minds. In Path of Sweetness, when I experienced travelling in Tonas’s ship, Inishimora, we moved from our universe to the Corena Universe in less than a minute. In appearance, the ships look like crystalline pie plates with their edges placed together. Tonas told me that the Ashtar Command had spaceships because it was more convenient for the crew than floating in the air with nothing between them. There is a great deal of variation in the size of the ships and, again, Commanders are able to increase or decrease the size at will. By the end of the solstice party we had in Path of Sweetness, Tonas had enlarged the size of his ship by more than fifty times because more and more people kept coming to the party.

Ashtar Commanders always come from non-dual worlds which means they cannot be compromised. Clothing for Commanders who are men usually consists of a long-sleeved shirt, trousers and a floor-length, sleeveless tunic that is probably black. Women who are Ashtar Commanders do not wear such predictable clothing but you can recognize them by a silver crest that they wear on their chest.

You will find much more information about the Ashtar Command and Commander Ashtar scattered throughout all of the Joy Chronicles: Path of Sweetness, Blossoming of Love, A Wish is Granted, Paths of Freedom, Return of Dragons and Spaceship Earth.

Recent conversation with Commander Ashtar:

“Why did you begin the Ashtar Command?”

“I began it long ago in preparation for these times. It was very important to begin looking upon the greater history and the stories of all the universes and all of their applications of advancements that were to come. In the ancient of times there were those known as the seekers. They were instructors in the ancient academies on Earth. They began doing research into the future after being introduced to humans that would not be even in the thoughts of anyone for millions of years to come. (Ashtar is referring to the tutorial that I and several AMS initiates experienced when we stepped into an academy millions of years in the past.)

I, being an initiate of those academies, was taken into the spirit of the great excitement of this and began to translate to myself in the long ago the mission that would begin. This mission was not so much for Earth because it did not yet need me; it was to support colonies of beings on all of the dual worlds and to set up parameters that would greatly assist.

It might interest you to know that the rules and the parameters of all that which falls within the council acceptances were given to us about seven years in the future of now by the current councils that are supporting Earth. We then moved back many millions of years into the past to set everything into motion based on those parameters.

I began to find individuals who would be just as passionate as I was in supporting this great vision of Earth being the culmative point. This meant that Earth and its peoples must be protected. We made the vision about everywhere but Earth since Earth did not yet need us and we wanted no attention to be brought to her until such time when our support would be needed. We have never left the other posts that we have been observing and supporting.”

I ask Ashtar to tell me some of the subjects that Ashtar Commanders need to study. My thought was that they would need to learn about all components of their ships and how to run them. Instead, Ashtar says that although they do not learn the languages, they must study all cultures of every world they are supporting. They watch migration patterns of individuals and what they are creating.

“I remember that my sons studied cartography.”

“Yes, but that takes a minute and a half. We sat back and watched as many seeded Earth and harvested its riches. We witnessed many individuals that came to Earth and made colonies. Many left because it was not very friendly. It is very difficult for an individual of non-dual to come to Earth and maintain their abilities. It was only through some very advanced works provided by Aton and others that allowed them to stay longer.”

Ashtar continues by saying that the Command has been dedicated from the beginning to support humanity and Earth, “for humanity is the seed that bears the fruit of what we all have lived our very long lives to achieve. And so, humanity must be protected at all costs.”

“Are you speaking about the achievement of moving into the Fifth Realm?”

“My greatest achievement will be to see all universes unifying at the culmative point and all of us making our steps into the space of that next adventure. No matter how many wars or disasters, natural or created, we have witnessed, we have always kept our eye on that which is the final vision.”

When I began writing the Joy Chronicles in February 2014, Commander Ashtar told me that there were eighty-six million ships existing in graduated levels of dimensional planes above Earth and that they were always just a little bit off of a dimension. That made it easier for them to work without interference and to avoid being seen.



Now that all forty-seven of the universes have Joy Councils affiliated with Earth’s Joy Councils, many of the Ashtar Command ships are involved with observing and handling situations that arise in the non-dual universes. I was glad when Ashtar assured me that there are still more than enough ships observing and guarding Earth.

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