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Cowboy Christmas for the Swizzlers


I selected this theme for our Christmas party because for quite some time Charlie has been enjoying riding a mechanical bucking bull. He has mastered it, of course, and to the dismay of certain members of our council—I heard Thoth yell “Save me!” when he was riding—he has been persuading them to compete with him. This theme is also an excellent way for me to reconnect, I hope, with some of the cowboy movie stars and singers I admired when I was a kid. (Gene Autry did come and presented Charlie with his very own “Spurs that Jingle, Jangle, Jingle.”)


Liponie’s underwear goof:

One of my Christmas presents to Tonas was underwear. I asked Liponie to create a set for both of us that pictured the two of us doing some activities in Paris–standing on the Eiffel Tower, sitting at a cafe, etc. Tonas, upon viewing his present, remarked that he thought we were quite bold to be standing on the Eiffel Tower in our underwear. I didn’t think to check until later to see if I was topless. (Liponie said I was wearing a body leotard under my underwear.)


Earthworm races:

December 29th I heard the word “earthworms.” I checked with Charlie to find out what that was about and learned that the fairies at the Grand Canyon—that’s where we are celebrating Christmas—saddled the earthworms in their garden and raced them! Liponie created a bubble for the race so that we could watch. Charlie got Liponie to make him fairy-sized so that he could sneak into the race in Rosebud’s place. Mr. Lincoln, the judge, caught him and wouldn’t let him race. Charlie told me he was going to give Mr. Lincoln his shoulder—the cold one—for awhile because he hadn’t even planned on winning. He just wanted to ride and Rosebud wasn’t very good at managing his boots and spurs.  The fairies were dressed like cowgirls and cowboys, of course.


Bronco buster Marilyn:

Marilyn Monroe took part in the bronco riding. Charlie laughed and told me that everyone said she had her headlights on bright. (I’m sure he didn’t know what that meant.) He said she insisted on riding barefoot and her hair was wild when she finished. Way to go, Marilyn!


Ice Hockey with Disney & Nursery Rhyme Characters:

The Swizzlers also played ice hockey. They didn’t want to have any kind of protective shield around the rink for onlookers because, “If somebody was able to catch the puck in their mouth, they’d win a prize.” When I pointed out that something like that could be very damaging, Charlie reminded me that it didn’t really matter because almost everybody at the party was dead anyway.


Mickey Mouse was captain of Charlie’s hockey team and they won, of course. They had Daffy, Donald and Daisy Duck as well as Huey, Dewey and Louie duck on their team because, “Nobody can skate like a duck.” Tweedledee and Tweedledum where goal tenders for awhile but not for long. Charlie said they were terrible, but Humpty-Dumpty was the worst—he had a tendency to roll.


We are going to have a Disney on Ice show for New Year’s Eve. Council members interested in ice skating will be able to do so as they skate around a huge Christmas tree that some of the Ashtar Command helped us decorate. I asked Liponie for some magic ice skates for Tonas and me so that, instead of having to constantly help each other to stand up, we can have some romantic one on one time together.


Happy New Year!


P.S. You will be able to read more details about this celebration in book ten—working title is Forever Home. My future self has told me that this book will be the last one in the Joy Chronicles, but not to worry, I’ll be writing many more books.




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