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If you’ve been more tired than usual it is probably due to the shifts of energy that Earth is currently experiencing. All of humanity now exists physically in the fifth and sixth dimensions. Due to the awakening that many individuals have been experiencing, third dimension left us in 2009 and fourth dimension released from Earth in 2015. This was great news! Earth has twenty-five dimensions and in the years ahead we will be continuing this release of the lower dimensions one by one.


You can read about the challenges the Joy Council had in assisting the 4th dimension to release in book four Paths of Freedom. Because of those experiences, Gaia and members of the Joy Council decided a better strategy than the one we implemented to release that dimension was to encourage the 6th dimension to merge with the 5th and thus uplift it. The theory is that this upliftment will encourage the 5th dimension to release—it will drift away and eventually dissolve like the other dimensions that have left us. Have no concerns, Gaia assured us that no people or animals would be left behind during this process.


First of all, take heart. This process will become easier and easier in the months ahead. We can look forward to more grace in our lives, more individuals speaking their truth, hidden agendas being brought to the surface (just as they have been) and individuals all over the world gradually deciding to take more responsibility for their own lives, their own actions.


Take 10, 20 or 30 seconds each day and focus on sending love to all areas of the world that are holding a lesser vibration. Hold the vision for the good things coming our way. For your own life, check out my Self-Love, Golden Ticket or It Starts with a Dream blogs.


Check out the sixteen awesome World Missions I have recorded (average four minutes long). Here are just a few:

Unconditional Love Immersion to Support Earth’s Harmony

The Oceans, the Waters and the Creatures that Live in Our Blue                

Hug a Tree and Set Your Heart Free

The Spirit of Fun

Positive Thinking                            

The Best Me I Can Be

A Perfect World


In joy,




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