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More About Our Leap Into The 5th Dimension

Have you been feeling more unsettled than usual? Do things you previously thought very important seem to have moved to the back of your agenda for life, or perhaps even dropped off your list entirely? No worries. The good news is that 4th dimension dropped from the Earth on March 16th this year. (It’s now hanging out somewhere in the ethers with its buddy 3D which we lost January 11th 2009.)


Some of the people I’ve told this to look at me rather strangely and ask, “So we lost time?” Then I explain to them that I’m talking about the metaphysical/spiritual nature of what happened in March. (Although we are realizing that time is fluid in nature. More on that in another letter.) Fourth dimension was a dimension of duality (characterized by peace and adversity, struggle and ease, but I think of it as more concerned with struggle for control and survival of the fittest energies) so it is a good thing that we released it. When I say “we” I’m referring to all of you, because at some level all of you were involved in assisting that dimension to release. Yeah for you!


In addition to the work you all have been doing, consciously or unconsciously, to assist the Earth, I have been working very diligently with two councils this last year and a half to assist that release of 4th dimension. These councils are called Joy Councils: one consists of 136,000,000 people living in the center of the Earth in the 7th dimension (Shiva is a member); the other is on the Moon in 10th dimension and has about 40,000,000 representatives from every non-dual inhabited star (yes, some are inhabited) and planet in our universe. Representatives from the other 46 universes also come to this council. These councils, along with myself, are continuing work to assist Earth in the form of energy transmissions; ideas for these transmissions are often brought to my attention by my future self, my 10th dimensional self, the Creator, or my angelic guides. (You can read about the work we have been doing in the book I have written titled Path of Sweetness.)


Back to the subject of 4th dimension, or rather why you might be wondering what in heaven’s name is going on. Although 4D is gone, 5th dimension hasn’t quite found its footing yet. You can expect that issues in your life will continue to make more sense to you and you will feel more confident on your life path as we move towards June of this year. (Nope, I’m not an astrologist. Those are just the words that came to me.)


There are a few easy things you can do for yourself to settle into the higher vibrational energies we are currently experiencing: spend a few minutes each day breathing from your diaphragm (One of the etheric surgeons I’m working with recently told me that most of my health issues revolve around incorrect breathing.); imagine a golden cord of energy running from the base of your body down into the center of the Earth as well as a cord from each of your feet connecting into the center of the Earth; at the same time imagine an energy cord running out the top of your head to the sun in the center of the universe. Breathe and enjoy feeling yourself as the conduit between those two lovely energies, because you are indeed that. And, finally, if you can’t imagine doing either of those things, take a walk outside, work in your yard or garden and enjoy the Earth.


P.S. Although we all exist as energy beings on Earth’s 5th through 25th dimensions, our physical bodies are currently located in the 5th, 6th or 7th dimension or a blend of those. Although these dimensions still are dual in nature, there is less of the energy of struggle in each higher dimension. When we reach 8th dimension that is our first chance to experience a completely non-dual dimension. Think about instantly manifesting everything you desire! I am all about elevating Earth graciously into the 8th dimension. You could say I’m all about the 8th!


In Joy,

Joy Elaine

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