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Earth Released the 4th Dimension on March 16th, 2015

Earth released the 4th dimension on March 16th. This dimension held energies that dealt with struggle for control, struggle for survival and fear of loss.


On March 21st, I asked Gaia to speak about the new energy of 5th dimension that all beings of Earth have finally embraced. (Many of us are also experiencing dimensions or blends of dimensions up to and including some of the 7th dimension.)


Her reply is, “As the energy merges more fully, as the sweetness of my spirit catches hold onto the minds of individuals who are awakening to this new transformation, they will have new insights of ways to apply life’s measures that are of less structure, more expanding responses and uplifting, sweet happy endings. There have been very few happy endings in 3rd dimension; 4th dimension was somewhat the same. The 5th dimension offers a happy ending, and an interesting journey to reach that. There are many more flavors to choose from. Was this what you were looking for?”

“It is.”

“May I give you an insight of what will help make this quicken?”

“Yes, of course.”

“All those who desire to have the journey bridge upward very swiftly and in the greatest of harmony need only direct their focus upward. Lift the chin; look higher. Do not look down and see that the path is rocky; walk as if it is the greatest, sweetest path of golden. Uplift, elevate.”

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Gaia went on to explain that eventually 5th dimension will release and drift away and we will be in only 6th dimension—then a blend of 6 and 7 and then only 7.