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Encouraging Words from the Masters

Although you will be able to chat with most of the masters on the Joy Council when Earth reaches the 8th dimension, I thought it would be interesting for you to hear what they have to say now.

When I asked some of them to share some uplifting words for the people of Earth, here’s what they told me:

Gaia, “Find your way back to the simple and the joyful and the way will open clearer for you to learn the ways of gladness that await your choice of it. All is provided; all is prepared to be claimed. It’s all there for you.”

Sheliah, the fairy you meet at the end of Path of Sweetness, told me: “Although we can see you, most big people cannot see us because you’ve forgotten to see through the light streams to where we are. If you remember to when your eyes could see us, you will remember that the unexplained is more real than the stories you make up in your mind to help you feel good. You are so pretty inside and outside. It is time to love you and then I’m sure you can see us again.”

Osiris, “If your heart calls out to be heard and for the world you live on to be the way your dreams can make it, be the change you call for. Join us and become the change.”

Liponie, my genie friend who is a master of instant manifestation, reminded me that, “Each and every human being of Earth is a genie. You have the power within you to lift mountains and to create the treasures of Solomon.”

Guinevere, Arthur and many of their knights join the Joy Council in Book Two, Blossoming of Love. Here’s what she had to say: “You are never alone. You are never forgotten. We are with you. We are your team of support and we are your champions. The road to the new world can be paved in grace if you but open your mind to choose it.”

The Ashtar Command plays major roles in all of the books of The Joy Chronicles (Path of Sweetness, Blossoming of Love, A Wish is Granted, Paths of Freedom, Return of Dragons and Spaceship Earth (Return of the Star Tribes). Commander Ashtar told me, “The evolution of Earth is a reality that you can embrace now or know it to be truth when it blossoms to show you. We are a fleet of good doers that are committed to you. We can see your future and we know your world is destined to achieve great things.”

The dragons, too, play important roles in all of the Joy Chronicles beginning with Book Two, Blossoming of Love. Joyyah, the new dragon prince is born in Book Four, Paths of Freedom.

Woonfred, the current dragon king, described for me what it will be like when the dragons (four million of them) return: “We will move into the 8th dimension and in our entry we will come as perhaps the geese flying to the south and the north. We will be in formation and we will make a great surprise and spectacle. Be ready for the smiles this entry will gift you, for it will cause you to recall the ancient wonders. These memories are part of your genetic history and await the day of remembering of our kinship with human.”

Charlie, my Swizzler son and member of the Council for Earth Vigilance: “Every book that you make is gonna touch people in their hearts in so many ways, Mommy, that it’s going to change the universes. The veils of forgetting will fall one day soon and joy will return to Earth like a wave of pink Jell-O.”

Sananda, an ascended master who has been assisting Earth and humanity for millions of years, told me, “Each day leading to the awakening of Earth’s greater collective marks the progress of that same evolution through the realms of worlds and stars in this universe and beyond. You are part of a great and wondrous story that is waiting for your awareness. This is a time in history that your light shines brightest to show the everything that anything is possible when you love.”

Cory (Now human but previously embodied as a crystal) “To reside in the bosom of the Joy Council and under its protection is a gift to the soul as well as a gift to all women and those kept from their calling of truth and well-being. I am gifted more than life; I am gifted a life of new chances and a fulfilling of dreams I never knew.”

Ascended Master Sananda: “The world of Earth will rise to its finest glory and it will happen in the lifetime of those living awake and awakening now. This is not a promise; it is a truth.”



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