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The Bridge into Non-duality (EARTH’S 8TH DIMENSION)

(Please read my Everything Starts with a Dream blog to learn more about non-duality and why you should be thrilled about a bridge into it.)



Before I discuss the bridge, let me share a brief explanation of where we are now. Although all of us are energetically present everywhere, the masters of light that I work with have told me that the physical bodies of those of us existing now on Earth are located in the fifth and sixth dimensions. (Third and fourth dimensions dropped away from Earth in, respectively 2009 and 2015, and are no longer part of our reality.) Seventh dimension is a training ground for practicing manifesting because in the 8th dimension manifestation is instantaneous.



Please take advantage of the opportunities to manifest ideal scenarios for your life that are offered to you in the Golden Ticket blog. Working with this tool plus the clearing you get in the “Self Love” blog will help you to elevate your focus and your thoughts about everything in your life. The uplifting energy you will experience as you do that helps you to be more comfortable in the higher vibrational energies and able to maintain them for longer periods of time.



Visualize stepping onto a bridge of light. You can imagine whatever type of bridge strikes your fancy. When I meditated about this I was shown a bridge resembling this one:

As you can imagine, I wasn’t very impressed with it (maybe my guides were joking?) so I created a bigger and sturdier one to use. The most important thing for you to see/feel/realize is that your bridge is your safe zone that is above the fast water going all around it. Allow yourself to know that although the fast water is there and some people are choosing to be in it, you are not! Don’t jump in the water to try to save someone else! Use the golden ticket to help get yourself neutral; ask the angels to help them; send them love and stay on your bridge.



And while you are on that bridge, play some of your favorite music (or imagine it in your mind) and dance on it! Your joy, your dance is possibly the most important thing you can do for those who are immersed in turmoil. That action on your part also honors their timing and their choices.


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