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Fairy Wisdom

Even though we will all be healthy after we evolve into the 8th dimension, Sheliah’s advice will still be relevant.


In December 2017 Charlie and I visited my fairy friend Sheliah in order to catch up on what had been happening in her garden. She was still writing the book she made out of flowers and leaves and she shared with me these words, which, she said, were on page forty-three.


Today is a Day That is Like No Other:

“Today is a day that is like no other because on this day all of us that love the world are looking, not just down at the world and everywhere around. We are looking skyward because we know that the light that shines onto us is always bringing joy to everybody’s hearts . . . . If you are always lookin’ down and around and you don’t look up, then you are missin’ a big part of livin’.”


Sheliah asked me to share with you this advice about activities that would be beneficial. “Tell them to lay on the grounds and to make their feet all bare and pointin’ upward to remind them where to look. Then if they put their head up a little bit and look straight up, if they are not too careful, they might see us whisper in their ear,” Giggling, “Because we are good at that. We can open up a window and say, ‘Hello, you are beautiful. Keep lookin’.’”

A Very Special Fairy Message:

Sheliah warned me to remind people not to look directly at the Sun and then continued by saying, “Now I want to give everybody a very special message in their ear. You can tell them that the message is that when your body is laying on the ground and your feets is bare and your head is lookin’ up and you are in the grasses, then what happens is you’re touchin’ the world. You’re touchin’ it with your bigger body and that lets the world wrap its arms around you and do lots of healing of your body. So lay on the ground with your feet in the air and no shoes on and put your head up a little bit and drink in all the colors of the sunlight. (The colors are healing to the eyes and to the body.) Suck it in like this through your mouth.” Big inhale. “Take in all the colors and we will coach you through your ears. We can open up a little window and do that.”


As I’ve been driving around, I’ve been remembering to suck in a big gulp of sunlight. Soon it will be warm enough to take a snooze on a blanket on the grass!



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