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Genie Babies

Only Seven:

There are only seven genie babies in existence and they belong to Liponie—the blue genie you meet in book one, Path of Sweetness—and Cory, the former sentient crystal now embodied as a knockout, human-looking woman. The first three, Conad (blue) Monfor (human color), Sareesha (can be rainbow-colored) were born on April 4, 2016. It was Cory’s choice to carry them as a human would, but after the first twinge of delivery pain, Liponie stoked her forehead and there was no more discomfort.

Baby-Proofing Failure:

I laugh when I consider the advice I gave Liponie and Cory about baby-proofing their quarters at the Joy Council. Sharp corners on furniture were no problem for babies who could fly their own magic carpets. To say that the three of them were precocious is a massive understatement. Early on, they turned Cory into a butterfly, but when she flapped away and hid from them, the three of them burst into tears and begged her to come back. Liponie restored her form.


As magical as those first three babies were, the next four—two boys and two girls and all blue—were even more so. Like the first three, Cory carried them in her body, but the delivery Liponie employed on February 20, 2020 was unique. We saw the babies peeking over the edges of the four baskets they were in which were held up by balloons that floated down from the sky and landed on the ground around their mom!

As soon as the baskets landed, they crawled out of them and onto their mom. We were able to admire them for a little bit, but soon they started crawling—hooching along the ground on their bellies. They spent their first day at the council doing that and enjoying many, many baths they got so dirty.

It wasn’t long before I heard them telepathically conversing and deciding that they should levitate! The misadventures started soon after that. Liponie built a swing set for his babies and for Ashtar’s children. The seats—at Ashtar’s request—were fashioned after little spaceships. In spite of the fact that everyone at the council masked their thoughts about Liponie’s kids flying the spaceship swing seats, they figured it out on their own and were soon merrily swooping around the council.

The Last Straw:

The last straw came when the babies used telekinesis to move the cutlery out of the kitchen in our outdoor recreation area at the Joy Council. They put it in a big pile and melted it in a failed attempt to make a spaceship.

It’s a good thing Liponie doesn’t need to sleep—the babies don’t need to sleep either—because he is now supervising them 24/7. Because Liponie and Cory want them to have a chance to experience being little kids, they are only allowed crayons and pencils to color and toys appropriate for little kids to play with. (All of the approximately 89,000 genies—only one is female—existing throughout the universes, Liponie included, were created as adults.)

Castles in the Air:

I was at the Joy Council a couple of days ago and Tonas told me that the babies—so far they have refused to be named—were keeping everyone in stitches. Now remember that they are just a few days over three months old. They were playing in the sand on the beach at the council and started juggling their little buckets and shovels. They can even juggle the sand. I asked how that was possible, and Tonas explained, “As the sand is flying around, they hold their hands out and transform it into castles or starfish flying in the air.”

None of us can imagine what they will do next.



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