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Nessie of the Loch and Noah of the Ark

In September of 2015, the Swizzlers and I took a cruise on Loch Ness. We were traveling with some fellow SVH friends in France, England and Scotland. One of the crew on a boat we took out onto the loch told us that, using sonar readings, they had calculated that twenty thousand pounds of fish “disappear” every day from the lake. Because of that fact, he believed there was more than one monster.

A few months before the trip, I asked Osiris if the Loch Ness monster really existed. His interesting explanation was that Nessie “is a dimensional figment created by the minds of people.” In other words, our belief that the Loch Ness monster exists has made it into a reality and some people have been able to see it. Gaia chimed in with the comment that it is quite a fun endeavor to give people what they want.


After I returned from the trip, I asked Osiris if there was more than one Nessie. He said that there are more than thirty and that they are water creatures of different sizes—not dinosaurs. The reason we have difficulty seeing them is that they are able to move a little off of whatever dimension they are in; for example, if they are in the 5th dimension, they can move to 5.4.

asked if it would be of benefit to have one of them on our council, but Osiris said in no way. “They are of duality and working through their stuff.”

This information was given to me in Return of Dragons.


Also in Return of Dragons, I decided to find out a little about Noah and the flood. Sananda said that heating caused the waters to rise, but the Earth was not completely covered with it. I asked him what areas were affected and was told that all parts of the world that were not very tall were covered. Many animals survived by moving to higher ground.

Sananda went on to explain that Noah did not have animals from each species, but he did have many. I commented that people are worried about the current warming trend on Earth and he said that is normal. (I found that fact interesting, but not particularly reassuring.)

Sananda was not aware of exactly when the flood happened but he told me it took many hundreds of years for the waters to subside. He added that the waters rose gradually in most places, but Turkey, where Noah lived, was overtaken more rapidly.


I intend to speak with Noah in the Fifth Realm sometime to hear more of his story…but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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