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Ashtar Command—The Real Guardians of the Universes

Path of Sweetness, book one of The Joy Chronicles, begins with me stepping onto an Ashtar Command spaceship located on Earth’s 10th dimension. After I recovered from my initial shock of meeting the “tall, dark and handsome” commander, I began a series of conversations and interactions with Ashtar Commander Tonas that have proven to be part of the greatest adventure of my life.

Even though I’ve shared a lot of information about the command in the course of writing The Joy Chronicles, I recently decided to ask Tonas some questions that hadn’t been answered. This information will be found in Forever Home, the tenth and last book of this series.


I first asked Tonas how long the Ashtar Command had been watching over humanity. He told me that Sananda and Archangel Michael “recruited” the command’s assistance and—working with the Agarthans—they had been watching over us for approximately 120,000 to 124,000 years. (FYI, the Agarthans along with many other non-dual individuals reside in the inner Earth.)

I asked for more details about that work and Tonas explained that, “There was the age of ice, there were shifts under and above the seas and there is much that can fall from the skies (asteroids and meteors) and make a destruction which would have stopped the entire evolution of all humanity. It is our cause to keep safe the space of the Earth unless it is caused by humans themselves.”


Tonas also told me that the command enforces what the galactic councils of light require. In previous conversations with him I learned that humanity is the youngest species in all the universes, and, because of that there are many laws set in place to protect us. Two of those laws are that none can come and take from the resources of Earth and individuals cannot be advanced beyond their readiness.

Tonas informed me that, “We guardian species everywhere that are in need of support because bullies have always existed in dualities. For other worlds and stars in every universe we are the guardians of the underdog.”


Tonas confirmed that the Ashtar Command ships are superior to all other spaceships. (Remember that since the Ashtar Commanders are non-dual beings they can create or modify a spaceship with a thought while species in duality who are perhaps interested in conquest have to physically construct their ships.) It seems foolhardy to me that other ships would fire upon the ships of the command and yet Tonas said they have. He also told me that the command ships have cloaks of invisibility as well as shields to protect them from attack.


Remembering all the battles in space I’ve seen on TV or at the movies, I asked Tonas if the Ashtar Command ships ever fired upon other ships. He said there would be no reason for them to do so. The command is the “overpowering force that stops individuals from applying pressures on those that are unable to fend for themselves. We pick the aggressors up and either send them home or move them to another universe. It takes them awhile to return.”


Then I asked him to tell me about stasis.

“For the few individuals who are hardcore cases we stop time. Their heart stops beating and they are frozen—without the cold—in time. We do not have jails; they are kept on one of our commands ships.”

“Then what happens?”

“We simply wait for a time when their followers are no longer alive.”

That does seem to be a nifty solution.

When I first met Tonas there were eighty-six million ships stationed above the Earth on the higher dimensions. Now that there is a Joy Council in each of the other forty-six universes, some of the ships are involved in keeping the peace elsewhere. At this time, there are about forty million ships protecting Earth.


Inishimora, the spaceship where I first met Tonas, is five times larger than Bloomington, Indiana, the city where I now live. (Bloomington covers an area of 23 square miles.) Tonas said, I was “of comedy” when I asked him if an Ashtar Command spaceship deck looked anything like the one in the Starship Enterprise.  Tonas couldn’t describe what the room was like in a command ship other than that it was elegant and furniture would just get in the way.



For more details about the Ashtar Command read my other blog article.

The most important fact to know about the Ashtar Command is that your support is essential.

Please listen to my four minute recording about how you can work with them. http://joyelaine.com/world-missions-2/week-7-implement-world-mission-with-the-ashtar-command/


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