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Solstice Celebration on an Ashtar Command Spaceship

Get the Most out of this Solstice Celebration by:

First, reading the Golden Ticket Blog and following the instructions to activate the two SVH trigger process we will use to create Ideal Scenarios for your life and for the Earth. We will send these scenarios out from an Ashtar Command spaceship.

Examples of Ideal Scenarios:

Once you have read the Golden Ticket blog and activated the SVH triggers, here are a couple of general Ideal Scenarios you can use, but please also create your own.

Ideal Scenario for your life: (Think the trigger word “Knowing”) I am choosing the ideal scenario for experiencing radiant health and vitality, attracting abundance in all forms into my life, attracting honoring relationships, following my heart, and loving myself completely. I let go of the past and live in and enjoy the present. (Think the trigger words, “I Am That.”)

Ideal Scenario for Earth: (Think “Knowing.”) I am choosing a world that is at peace, a world where we honor the diversity and uniqueness of all beings, a world where people care for and love the Earth and all the creatures on her, a world where each and every one of us prospers. (Think “I Am That.”)

Join Us Energetically in the Solstice Transmission:

Now that you’ve spent some time developing your ideal scenarios for your life and/or for the Earth, here is what to do. Close your eyes, take Archangel Michael’s hand, see yourself taking a couple of steps and then moving through a doorway onto Tonas’s spaceship Inishimora. (Your intention makes this happen.) You will manifest inside a large, but bare room, with huge viewing windows (The view of the night sky and Earth below is awesome.)

You Will “See” Commander Tonas and Me:

Ashtar Commander Tonas and the spaceship version of myself (wearing a gorgeous gown) are standing in front of the windows, facing each other and holding a golden, glowing orb in our hands. Move closer to us and intend to send your scenario gifts into the orb. When you have completed that, Tonas and I will send the transmission with your gifts for yourself and for the Earth, down to the Earth.

Enjoy the View, Feel the Yummy Energy and Help Your Future Self:

If you wish, you may stand at the observation windows and enjoy the view. Take time to feel the yummy energy of this non-dual 10th dimension of Earth. (We will experience this yum when we reach the 8th dimension.) When you are ready to return, simply take Archangel Michael’s hand and intend to restore to your physical self in your now moment. The scenarios you send out from this position will move through time to provide assistance for you and for the Earth from then to now and on into the future. Wow!

Energy Bridges to All Events:

Since the masters helped to create energy bridges to all the happenings in the Joy Chronicles, It is my hope that you will follow this procedure for any or all of the transmissions we do in the books. Or you can simply do this one over and over as you develop more scenarios.

Happy solstice!



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