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Golden Ticket to Manifesting Your Ideal Scenarios

I hope that you took advantage of the SVH clearing work in last week’s What Do You Really Want blog. Today’s information about manifesting Ideal Scenarios for your life is another effective, quick and fun way to speed your dreams into reality. I use this almost every day to manifest my desires big or little. (As little as finding a parking spot in the lot of our local library!)

Ideal Scenario is an SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) format:

that works with your constructive mind, the master intellect and your higher consciousness and soul to fuel and support the unfolding of the most ideal scenario for situations you are addressing.

The first thing to do is activate the two SVH Trigger Processes Utilized:

in this master manifestation exercise. (You need to go through these 4 bullets only one time.)

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. (Even if you see nothing, the screen is there.)
  2. On that screen are the two SVH Trigger Processes Knowing and I AM That.
  3. Silently ask Creator if it is in alignment for Creator to activate and implement the processes for you.
  4. When you have an affirmative sense or knowing, think “Yes” and you are ready to apply this system.
Now to fuel an ideal scenario all you need to do is:

follow the three easy steps below to begin fueling the most amazing realities imaginable. You can do these steps over and over as you think up new and even better scenarios to manifest.

  1. Think the SVH trigger word Knowing to engage the first step. (This readies the constructive mind and master intellect to identify the most ideal scenarios for your situation.)
  2. Mentally define your directives: “I choose the ideal scenarios for ________________.” (fill in the blank)
  3. Think the SVH trigger words I AM That. (This engages a flow of creation energy to fuel the most ideal scenarios selected by your master intellect and activates comprehensive clearings any time negative or limiting energies have the potential to limit your success.)

Examples of Ideal Scenarios: After you have activated your “Knowing” and “I AM That” triggers, you may choose the following examples—as is or modified—for yourself. Simply read them out loud or silently.

Abundance: Knowing, the ideal scenario for whatever it’s gonna take for me to experience and embody a magnetization of prosperity consciousness energy that lights me up and opens me up to be able to receive and accept a flood of honoring relationships, an abundance of health, vitality, money, and opportunities flowing to me, an abundance of honoring principles as well as an abundance of self love. I AM That.

Sovereignty: Knowing, the ideal scenario for my soul to be felt and known so that the sovereignty that is my birthright is called upon, is expected, and is activated within myself. Releasing whatever would be within me that would limit me from being able to step forward and claim my divine right to live, to prosper, to be healthy and vital and to make choices about myself and my life. I am aligned with divine truth and I am sovereign. I AM That.

Sovereignty for Earth: Knowing, the ideal scenario for the Earth to be in a continuous elevation raising its sovereignty and shifting out very quickly the energy of pollution and war. I choose that the evolution of Earth is graceful and easily follows the paths that are in alignment with the Earth’s destiny to evolve to non-duality. I AM That

The three steps simplified:


I choose______.

“I AM That.”

Have fun manifesting your dreams and please share this master manifestation tool with friends and family!

In joy!

Joy Elaine


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