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Shifting into Higher Consciousness


Sananda: “The best way to support your evolution, your elevation to living as a non-dual being, is first to imagine what it would look like to be a non-dual being. Live as close to those principles of integrity, honor, and neutrality as possible. Self-love is at the top of the list.

“Another principle is to have an open heart; follow the heart consciousness. Allow the brain that is in your head to do the job that it was intended to do—run your body. The brain has taken on the heavy burden of thinking everything through while the heart consciousness knows the answer in an instant.”


Osiris: “If I was human, living in this time, I would be the most excitable person on the planet for I would see the opportunities that are abounding to stop old patterns and take on a new perspective. The old patterns are linked to an old reality that no longer is relevant to what exists on the planet. So many are clinging to fears and dogma. Be the best of any religion, and also be the best listener to the Great One who is open, always loving, and gives the best advice.”


Me: “Hearing God is challenging for many, including myself.”

Osiris: “The reason why many do not believe they hear the Great One is because they expect God to be angry, shaming and shaking the finger. However, the Great One only speaks love. If you hear anything but love and support, then change channels immediately.”


Thoth: “I have been an instructor about non-duality for thousands of years. First and foremost, one must believe in oneself. They must believe that they can live and be as a non-dual being. Believe that they can create whatever they desire and whatever they choose. To believe in oneself begins with loving and trusting yourself. Knowing that you are becoming the best self of you and you are choosing to only reflect that value of the self.

“Secondarily, it is getting out of your way. I speak of this because individuals who are constantly staring at their problems and wondering why they will not go away are keeping them there. (I am laughing ruefully because of my tendency to do this.) The greatest asset to an individual who is choosing to evolve to higher states of awareness, an individual who is capable of expressing all of their innate abilities and creating the realities their heart desires, is to get out of the way. Let it happen and know that it can happen. Even if your life does not look like that yet, continue to expect that it will. Stop counting your money and checking to see if it is less. Choose that it shall grow to be more! Choose your successes. Live your truth and be ready to change the truth when the higher vision of what that can be shows itself to you.”


Me: “What are people to do in the face of everything that is going on now?”

Thoth: “If you are in the mud, do you step out of it or do you wallow around in it? If you are a pig, you wallow because you like it. If you are ready to move out of the mud, you will be ready to change your mind. Move beyond what is and let go of the energies and the dramas that are associated with what is happening. Raise the bar and choose to give your energies to a higher frame instead of infusing negativity into what is of lesser value.”


Gaia: “Naturally, you are aware that I am evolving, and in my evolution I am giving individuals a bit of a foothold if they wish to put their foot on it and push up. It is required for an individual to push themselves up. The ladder can stand there, but if you do not move your leg up to the next rung, how can you ever make your way to the top? It takes effort. Keep climbing!”


Sananda: “The best way to make it easy for individuals to understand non-duality is to state that it is simply a journey to a higher consciousness that allows you to enhance the abilities you already have. Abilities that will assist you to exist in a stream of energy, of consciousness, of harmony that only magnetizes to you the most graceful and joyful of experiences. In the clarity of which I speak, one would never dream of creating drama.”


Me: “You have all been helpful, thank you. I plan to add the suggestion that people who are drawn to experience it put some of the SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing) work in place.”

Sananda: “Indeed, SVH is a cornerstone for an individual to be able to launch forward, embrace higher sovereignty, the ability to create in a stream of energy that supports the higher thought and the attraction of more ease.”

https://www.thejoyoflife.info/ is my SVH website.



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