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“Mythical” Creatures?

In the Joy Chronicles I’ve been fortunate to learn about and share with you a lot of information about fairies and dragons, but as an avid reader of fantasy there are other creatures about which I’ve long been curious. Since Gaia would be the one “in the know” about mythological as well as modern-day beings of that nature, here is some information from a recent interview with her.


“Gaia, did trolls ever exist?”

“Your cartoon of trolls that I have seen with your dear little ones (the Swizzlers) are nothing like what you are describing. However, there have been very small creatures such as these. They were much like dough—made of clay.”

“What was their function?”

“You would have to ask one of the initiates in ancient times who created them.”

“They weren’t the giant type of troll that were purported to hide under bridges.”

“That is your cartoons, my dear.”


“What about the cyclops?”

“That was a real being that was created. However, it must be said that it was brought here. It was not created as part of Earth.”

“Is it all right to ask about these kinds of beings?”

“There are individuals who would like to re-control the human species, indeed. They spend much of their time in inner Earth and come out from time to time. There are many species such as these that were brought here that were part of the early stories of the world before humans and even after humans were designed.”

(Note that Agartha, a city in inner Earth, is non-dual but there are other areas in the Earth that are of duality.)

“Are you saying that cyclops were created to control people?”

“Yes, it is frightening looking to others. It is the big boss.”

“I’m glad that they’re not here now!”


“What about a griffin (hybrid of lion and eagle)?”

“That is the way it was perceived and drawn by others. Then from those sketches they were carved in stone and written about. There were many species that no longer exist on Earth.”


“There is a more modern story about a creature called the Mothman. It was described as a large flying man with a ten-foot wing-span and it was sighted about fifty years ago in West Virginia.”

“I’m sorry, my dear, but that is not a part of our story.”


“Sananda told me that the Yeti came from a spaceship that crashed here a long time ago.”

“Yes, but they keep to themselves.”

“Do you know how many there are?”

“We would not speak of it in order to honor their silence and their security.”

“Is there any way they would be able to go back to their world?”

“It is not for us to decide this for it is in their destiny to have been brought to this space and to be a part of the evolution of us.”


“There was a race of beings who lived in Ireland around four thousand years ago. They were called the Tuatha De Danann and were supposedly godlike people with supernatural powers. Do you know anything about them?”

“There are individuals who from period to period move from inner Earth into that particular area to be teachers much as that which has occurred all over Earth.”

“They had these magical items—a stone, spear, sword and cauldron.”

“These stories have been concocted by those who never saw but only heard of such.”

“But they did have some sort of super abilities?”

“My dear, they were non-dual beings that came from inner Earth to above terra so that they could educate and support humans.”

BIG FOOT (according to Tonas)

They were created on Earth to be “muscle” for mining gold and crystal, etc. When humans began to have souls (about 125,000 years ago) the Big Foot did not match the energy of the human workers, and since that could have limited the evolution of the humans, they were moved into another dimension of Earth. They happily exist there; there are no predators for them. Seldom do they let themselves move into your space. They exist mostly in the areas where there are high mountains, snow, or glaciers. There are many thousands of them living around the world in different positions. They are mostly vegetarian and are large, hairy and have padded feet.


I watched those movies recently and since Earth’s real elves (Imagine little old men one inch tall) look nothing like Orlando Bloom, I asked Tonas if a species similar to the way Orlando was portrayed existed. He said there were perhaps 600 species in our universe who have almond-shaped eyes, long, blonde hair, pointed ears and are tall and slender. Wow!


This book contains information about merpeople, satyrs, centaurs, winged horses, werewolves, and the phoenix.



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